Goon robs woman on city bus

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

Bad bus ride

A thief robbed a woman on a city bus on Avenue T on March 16 — taking her cellphone.

The victim told police that she was on the B46 near Flatbush Avenue at 3 pm when the thief grabbed the phone from her hand.

Dangerous footware

Cops arrested a woman who they said assaulted another woman — with a shoe — inside a Foster Avenue watering hole on March 13.

The victim told police that she was in the bar near E. 59th Street at 2 am when the woman decided to use her footwear as a weapon.


A pipe-wielding thug attacked a woman on Avenue I on March 13.

The victim told police that she was near Flatbush Avenue at around noon when the female goon began attacking her with the metal pole.

Hard heels

Three ruffians attacked a man on Flatbush Avenue on March 15 — at one point, bashing him with a platform shoe.

The victim told police that he was between Avenue I and E. 34th Street at 4:30 am when he was beset by the disgruntled trio. At one point, the victim told police he remembered receiving a blow to his head from the retro footwear.

Bleach hurler

Some heartless creep threw a bleach container at a woman inside of a Flatlands Avenue laundromat on March 16 — leaving the victim uninjured, but ruining her clothes with the powerful cleaning solution!

The victim told police that she was inside the dry-cleaning establishment near E. 54th Street shortly after 7 pm when the thug hurled the jug of detergent her way.

Police punch

A man was arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer inside of a Ralph Avenue eatery on March 17.

The officer, who received an injury to his right eye, said he was at the restaurant between Glenwood Road and Flatlands Avenue at 4:30 am when the suspect punched him in the face.

Dry skin

A thief robbed an E. 53rd Street home on March 12, taking jewelry and lotion.

The crook entered the home between Glenwood Road and Avenue H through an unlocked door sometime after 4 pm, cops said.

Pistol picked

A crook pilfered a car parked on Ryder Street on March 13, taking a Colt .25 pistol, among other valuables.

The victim told police that he had parked his 2010 Ford Edge between Quentin Road and Avenue R at 1 pm, and returned later to find his car unblemished, but his pistol, navigation system, and iPod were missing.

Fashion fiends

Two shoplifters made off with clothing from a Kings Highway store on March 16.

The crooks entered the store between Rockaway Parkway and E. 98th Street at around 11:30, and made off with $1,827 worth of fashionable attire.

Quest for Avalon

A thief stole a 1998 Toyota Avalon from E. 31st Street on March 14.

The victim told police that he parked his car between Avenues I and J at 3 am, and returned later only to discover it was gone.

Honda crook

A crook made off with a woman’s 2003 Honda Civic parked on Avenue T on March 11.

The victim told police that she parked her sedan near Hendrickson Street at 8 am, and returned later to find it missing.


A thief plucked some jewelry from an E. 54th Street home on March 14.

The thief broke into the home between Linden Boulevard and Church Avenue through a sliding rear door at 2:30 am, cops said.

— Colin Mixson

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