Goon steals teen’s backpack and hits him in the head with a bottle

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Snake on the train

A villain stole a teen’s backpack and hit him in the head with a bottle inside a subway station on Lafayette Avenue on July 18, police said.

The 14-year-old told police he swiped into the G train station at Clinton Avenue a little before 1 pm when a snake came up behind him and struck him in the head twice with a glass bottle. The goon grabbed his red North Face backpack — with pens, a notebook, and umbrella inside it — and then fled, cops said. Paramedics transported the teen to Methodist Hospital for cuts on his head, according to authorities.

School thief on the loose

There were two reported thefts on a St. James Place university campus on July 20, police said. Here’s the details:

• A thief swiped a guy’s camera from a studio near Clifton Place at about 3 pm, cops reported.

The guy told cops he placed his pricey Nikon camera with a zoom lens and hard drive on a table inside the studio, left the door open, and when he returned at 10 pm, it was gone, according to authorities.

• A baddie ran off with a woman’s computer from another studio on the campus sometime overnight, police said.

The 26-year-old left her Dell Precision laptop on top of her desk inside the architectural studio near Clifton Place to go for an interview at about 1 pm, and when she got back the next day at 2:30 pm, it was gone, cops said.

Bad tip

A sneak stole a taxi driver’s wallet from his cab after he picked her up at Myrtle Avenue on July 18, police said.

The 37-year-old victim told cops the good-for-nothing got in his cab near Nostrand Avenue at about 9:10 pm and after he dropped her off on Hanson Place about 10 minutes later, noticed that she had swiped his wallet — with credit cards and cash inside — from his center console, according to authorities.

Rotten fruit

A punk stole a woman’s bag from behind a counter inside a Lafayette Avenue supermarket on July 19, police said.

The victim told cops she was behind the counter of the fruit juice section inside the store near Fort Greene Place at about 3 pm when she stepped away to grab more fruit, and the jerk hopped behind the counter and took her bag, with credit cards and a driver’s license inside, from a small shelf, officials said.

— Julianne Cuba

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