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Goonies never say drink: Actors combine cult film with drinking game

Blue ribbon comedy: Actress Hanley Smith drinks up on stage at a previous Drinking Game event.
A Drinking Game NYC

It’s wet, ain’t it? Drink it!

Lovers of classic film “The Goonies” and lovers of beer can finally come together at Union Hall on Sept. 25, for a live reading of the film combined with a drinking game. Hilarity will ensue, promised an organizer.

“People get pretty tipsy,” said Sam Brewer, one half of the duo that produces the show.

The event is the latest edition of A Drinking Game NYC, a regular bar night that wisely relocated from Manhattan to Brooklyn last month, making its borough of Kings debut with a show dedicated to “The Princess Bride.”

The rules of the game are simple — actors read from the script of a cult film (the film must be 21, old enough to drink or be drunk to), and when they recite pre-selected catch phrases from the movie, a bell goes off and both audience and actors alike have to take a sip of their beer.

Actors also must drink when someone else reads their character’s name — an unfortunate rule for the poor sap playing Ferris Bueller in a previous show, who had to drink each time the teacher droned “Bueller … Beuller … Beuller,” said Brewer.

The actors have just one rehearsal — sober — before they take the stage to read their lines in front of a loud and increasingly inebriated audience. But according to Brewer, the unpaid actors have a great incentive to don a home-made costume and take part.

“The actors are really gung ho,” she said. “They’re in it for the free beer.”

A Drinking Game NYC Presents “The Goonies” at Union Hall [702 Union St. between Fifth and Sixth avenues in Park Slope, (718) 638–4400, www.union‌halln‌y.com]. Sept. 25 at 8 pm. $15.

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