Goons attack 12-year-old on 17th Avenue

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach


Heartless punks beat up and pulled a knife on a 12-year-old, swiping his lunch money, hat and gloves on 17th Avenue on Jan. 4.

The victim told cops that he was near 66th Street at 8:30 am when a group of kids attacked him, punching and kicking him before breaking his phone, and swiping $7 and his winter outerwear.

Hammer time

Thugs smashed a straphanger in the face with a hammer on Jan. 5 and swiped his phone while he was riding the N train.

The victim told cops that he was texting on his cellphone at 9:30 pm when two men boarded the train at the Kings Highway station. One of the thugs approached the victim and smashed him in the cheek with a small hammer. Both punks them demanded his cash and cellphone.

The duo pushed the victim off of the train at the Bay Parkway stop.

21st Jump Street

A gang of brutal thugs jumped a man on 21st Avenue, savagely beating him before swiping his cash and cellphone on Jan. 7.

The victim told cops that he was near 82nd Street at 1:15 am when the three men attacked — punching him repeatedly before taking off with his cellphone and $20.

No papers!

A forger got in a tussle with a cop after the officer pulled him over on 64th Street for not signaling at a turn on Jan. 2, cops say.

Police say the officer pulled the man over between 16th and 17th avenues for not signaling at a turn, and when he asked for identification, the driver gave him a phoney international driver’s license. When the officer tried to arrest the jet-setter, the man flipped out, flailing his arms and spraining the officer’s wrist.

Read a book

Robbers swiped a TV and ransacked a Cropsey Avenue apartment on Jan. 8.

A witness told cops that he saw two men run out of the basement apartment between Bay 31st and Bay 32nd streets at 3 am carrying a TV.

The thieves covered their faces and ran into an SUV before making their getaway.

Cops said that the door to the apartment was busted and the men had torn apart the inside.

Rim job

Wheel bandits swiped all four rims and tires from a car parked on Bay Ridge Avenue on Jan. 5.

The victim told cops that he left his Nissan sedan parked between 18th and 19th avenues at 10 pm. When he returned the following day, he found his ride immobilized.

—Dan MacLeod

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