Goons beat, cut, and rob man

94th Precinct


Gang annihilated

A crew of muggers slashed and beat a man, then stole his stuff on Graham Avenue on Sept. 8, cops said.

The 29-year-old victim reported that he was between Siegel and Moore streets at 2:30 am when four or five goons surrounded him. One sliced him several times with a sharp object on his hand and body while the others punched him, according to a report. The fiends then pried away his backpack, watch, wallet, debit card, headphones, and sunglasses, officers stated.

Take the change

A sly robber robbed a Kingsland Avenue laundromat at gunpoint on Sept. 11 after he convinced the clerk to open the cash register with a simple request, NYPD officials said.

The victim told police he was at work at the bubble-plex between Jackson Street and Skillman Avenue at 4:28 pm when the unassuming villain strolled in and asked for $20 in change.

When the clerk opened the till, the bandit pulled a gun, cocked it, and demanded all the money in the drawer, according to the authorities. He ran off with about $200, a report states.

Not quite stitches

A pair of delinquents robbed a teen and called him a snitch as he was walking home from school on Meeker Avenue on Sept. 11, officers recounted.

The victim said he was at the corner of N. Sixth Street at 2:50 pm when the shady characters started trailing him.

“Why did you snitch?” one of them purportedly demanded.

The scoundrels then told the victim to turn over everything in his pockets, saying they’d beat him up otherwise, cops said.

They got away with the unlucky fellow’s MetroCard, credit card, and state identification card, according to the Police Department.

False pretenses

A trickster demanded a cigarette from a guy before attacking him and stealing his computer on Conselyea Street on Sept. 13, the authorities said.

The 67-year-old victim said he was at the corner of Lorimer Street at 6:10 am when the lowlife asked him for the cigarette. When the victim told him no, the bully shoved him down, banging his head on the ground, officers related.

The scalawag then snatched the victim’s backpack, which contained his computer, and scrammed, cops said.

— Danielle Furfaro

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