Goons loot Flatbush Avenue Target


Park Slope

Apple heist

Some thieves looted Apple products from a Target on Flatbush Avenue on Oct. 12.

Surveillance footage shows the thieves loading over $5,000 worth of electronics into backpacks from the store near Atlantic Avenue at around 1:15 pm, according to police.

Acid trip 

A lunatic threatened an employee of a Flatbush Avenue eyeglass store on Nov.  4.

The victim told police that he got into a dispute with a customer inside the store near Atlantic Avenue at around 2 pm, when the madman said “I’m going to throw acid at you after work,” and stormed off. 

Drunken driver

Cops cuffed a woman for allegedly drunk driving at Grand Army Plaza on Nov. 5.

A witness told police that the woman was driving erratically near Union Street at around 2:58 am, when cops stopped the driver — who allegedly smelled of alcohol, had watery eyes, and acted combatively.

Cops cuffed the driver on felony charges of driving under the influence.

Plate swiper

A jerk nabbed a woman’s license plate on 13th Street on Nov. 4.

The victim told cops she left her car parked near Fifth Avenue at around noon, but when she returned, her license plate had been unscrewed and stolen.