Cops cuff teen accused of anti-Semitic egging

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A group of hooligans egged the Sanz Synagogue on Saturday, police say.
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Cops cuffed an 18-year-old man for allegedly going on an anti-Semitic egging spree in Kensington over the weekend. 

The suspect was charged with three counts of assault, three counts of aggravated harassment, three counts of  harassment, and one count of reckless endangerment — all as hate crimes. 

In one incident, a knave hurled an egg into the open door of a synagogue near Dahill and Cortelyou roads at around 6:17 pm, striking the wall of the house of worship — but missing the worshipers, cops said. 

Ten minutes earlier, a hooligan had tossed an egg at a woman on 38th Street near 15th Avenue — barely missing the unsuspecting woman.

And on Sunday, some goons pelted a 50-year-old woman in the back with eggs on the same stretch of 38th street at around 4:15 pm, according to police — who confirmed that both victims were Jewish, and are treating all three incidents as connected. 

The egg attacks come amid a significant surge of hate crimes in New York over the past year, with anti-Semitic incidents seeing the biggest spike. 

Between January and early October, the Police Department recorded 323 hate crimes — marking a 33-percent increase over the same time frame the year before. Meanwhile, anti-Semitic crimes have risen 63-percent, according to authorities.