GOP gives Turner second shot at Weiner’s seat

GOP gives Turner second shot at Weiner’s seat
File photo by Steve Solomonson

The GOP has named Bob Turner — who lost to Anthony Weiner in 2010 when he battled the Midwood Mouth for his seat in Congress — as its sacrificial lamb in the upcoming special election to replace the randy rep.

The retired movie executive, who got a surprising 40 percent of the vote in the last election, has been tapped to go head-to-head, and most likely lose, to Queens Assemblyman David Weprin in the fight to become Weiner’s successor this September.

Turner, who had plastered Marine Park and Sheepshead Bay with billboards of his mug during his failed 2010 run, was gratified by the second chance Queens and Brooklyn GOP leaders in the bi-borough district have given him.

“I believe our message of bringing real-world experience and fiscal sanity to Washington will resonate with the people in this district, and I look forward to representing them in Washington,” he said Saturday.

With the backing of both the Brooklyn and Queens GOP, Turner is expected to raise more than the $270,000 he gathered in 2010 (with $103,500 out of his own pocket).

Since there will be no primary, party leaders chose the candidates who would fight for the congressional seat. Craig Eaton, chairman of the Kings County Republican Party, said that he was behind Turner “from the minute the Weiner story unfolded.”

“I’m happy to be able to work with him again to secure this Congressional seat,” explained Eaton, who said that GOP heads screened three Brooklyn candidates for the job, but none of them had any name recognition or proved that they could raise any money. “Bob Turner will be a great representative in Congress to fight for the middle class and the struggling small business owner who are the backbone of our country.”

It seems that all Brooklyn Republicans will be behind Turner — even those who continually criticize Eaton’s chairmanship.

Glenn Nocera, president of the Brooklyn Young Republicans, which Eaton snubbed last year by forming his own Young Republican club and getting the state organization to sanction his club instead of Nocera’s said his club will also be backing Turner. Proceeds from the club’s upcoming fundraiser, aptly called a “Weiner Roast,” will go to Turner’s campaign, he said.

“People know Bob Turner,” Nocera said. “A lot of people saw his advertisements in the last election, so his name will be familiar with voters.”

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