Great moments in air pollution

Great moments in air pollution
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Greenpoint air pollution is having a moment thanks to one environmental activist’s attempt to deputize his neighbors as walking weather balloons. With talk of toxic stuff in the air, we figured it’s high time to turn back the clock to bring you the highlights of the biggest and weirdest instances of smog, smaze, and fumes the world has ever gotten a whiff of.

Britain’s House of Commons, where Sir Henry Ludlow famously passed wind in the 17th century, inspiring the poem “The Parliament Fart.”
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— Nathan Tempey

China’s National Stadium and National Aquatics Center in Beijing, seen through thick smaze.
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There’s air pollution that can kill you — then there’s what happened in Pompeii.
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Los Angeles, seen through its unnatural armor against happy life.
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The Cuyahoga River burns — the first time, in 1952.
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