‘Green Chuch’ fans in Ridge seek Golden rule from Marty

Bay Ridge preservationist Victoria Hofmo delivered a handful of petitions to state Sen. Marty Golden.

The preservationists fighting to save the so-called “Green Church” are calling on a higher power to rescue Ovington Avenue’s emerald house of worship — state Sen. Marty Golden.

Five opponents of the Bay Ridge United Methodist Church’s plan to tear down the 108-year-old historic edifice visited the Ridge lawmaker’s Fifth Avenue office on June 12 to deliver a petition calling on him to intercede.

“He helped with the [Key Food], maybe he can help here, too,” said Victoria Hofmo, a preservationist who heads a committee to save the church, referring to Golden’s negotiations with Walgreens, which will soon take over the Key Food space on Third Avenue and 95th Street.

Hofmo handed over 16 signatures in the first batch of petitions and said that an additional 200 signatures will be delivered to Golden’s office.

Unlike Golden, Councilman Vince Gentile (D–Bay Ridge) has taken a strong stance in support of preserving the “Green Church,” whose dwindling congregation plans to tear down the difficult-to-maintain building to make way for a smaller house of worship funded by condos.

Golden has remained tight-lipped — but a spokesman said the Republican does believe in miracles.

“Sen. Golden believes it will take a financial angel to save the [church],” said John Quaglione. “If an individual or a corporation is willing to come forth and make a large investment, they can still save it.”

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