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Greene-r pastures!

Gersh. Dean and 6th. Freddie's Bar 4/3/06

Park Slope

Moving on up?

Three cheers to Park Sloper Gersh Kuntzman for dusting off his mortar board and joining the ranks of academia at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. He’ll be teaching young scribes who want to get into this business (why, we can’t tell you!) and will also be running the Local, a New York Times blog covering Fort Greene and Clinton Hill. Look, we didn’t always think much of Kuntzman, but then we warmed to him to the point where we can legitimately say that he will be sorely missed by all of us in the Community Newspaper Group newsroom (including by most of us, who still have the sores!). We still fondly recall all the times his bike was stolen (making front-page news, of course), the time he took caffeine suppositories (hey, it was Yom Kippur!), and, of course, the time he posed nude for an art class. His all-cap e-mails to the staff will live on in infamy, too. Word to the wise, journalism students: If you want to pass in this man’s class, don’t split your infinitives, don’t wrongly hyphenate -ly adjectives, and never forget the cardinal rule of print media: “Photos drive the bus.” Standing O sends heartfelt wishes of success for the legendary Brooklyn Paper editor.

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