Ground Zero mosque — a terror act in slow motion!

When a non-Muslim American can open and operate a strip joint in Mecca, a pork store in Islamabad or a gay bar in Tehran — with the full cooperation of Islamic authorities — then, perhaps, the thought of a mosque near Ground Zero might not be nauseating.

When Manhattan’s Community Board 1 voted near-unanimously on May 24 for the construction of an Islamic cultural center and mosque two blocks from where fanatical Muslims crashed two airliners into the World Trade Center nine years ago, it demonstrated an indecent allegiance to a community which is so insensitive to that day’s carnage that it wants to open a mosque at the site.

The mosque — and public record shows that mosques around the world have been abused to promote terror activities — is being pushed full steam ahead by the New York-based American Society for Muslim Advancement, a cocky group founded in 1997 by Daisy Khan and her husband Feisal Abdul Rauf Khan to promote “an authentic expression of Islam.”

Thanks but no thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Khan, for the world has had it up to here with Islam’s “authentic expressions,” and none of them are impressive!

Critics, who think that decrying a mosque in New York is un-American, should note Mr. Khan’s anti-Americanism: He blamed the US for the 9/11 attacks in a Sept. 30, 2001 interview with “60 Minutes,” charging that “United States’ policies were an accessory to the crime that happened.”

His wife has said about the Ground Zero mosque project, “We decided we wanted to look at the legacy of 9/11 and do something positive.”

Positive would be telling New Yorkers that Muslims are so remorseful about 9/11 that there aren’t enough tears left in the world to express their sorrow.

Positive would be calling for a global convention on Islam and its human time bombs.

Positive would be to understand that a mosque does not belong — nor is welcome — at Ground Zero.

The legacy of 9/11 is that the U.S. is on the radar of our sworn enemies who want nothing more than to eradicate this great land, which has moved hell and earth to welcome and accommodate people of all faiths.

What has separated this nation from others — her heart, her largesse, her congeniality — has also become her Achilles heel as she tries to steer a conniving course set forth by Muslim extremists whose contribution to modern-day humanity is the export of terrorism.

Our awkwardness in addressing Islamo-fueled terrorism has emboldened individuals and splinter groups to conduct self-inspired acts of terror. Now, even Muslims who are US citizens are jumping on the Jihad bandwagon to kill fellow Americans!

We were reintroduced to that deadly desire last month when 30-year-old Pakistani immigrant Faisal Shahzad — a U.S. citizen for just a year — decided to blow up Times Square so that thousands of innocent men, women and children would die.

If, as they claim, Mr. and Mrs. Khan are committed to “building bridges between Muslims and Americans,” then let them axe their plans for a mosque at Ground Zero. Anything less means that they want to rub New Yorkers’ faces in the ashes of their murdered loved ones. And, have a formal place for Muslims to pray and gloat in, and gloat and pray in — fives times a day, every day. That amounts to a terror attack in slow motion!

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