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Grump throws coffee on man at java joint

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach


A grumpy goon threw his coffee at a man who bumped into him in line at a coffee joint on Avenue U on March 30.

The victim was in line for a coffee at the business near E. 66th Street at 12:30 pm when he brushed up against a grump with a chip on his shoulder.

“You’re invading my space,” the grump said, according to police.

The space-conscious perp pushed the victim, causing him to drop his phone. Then he snatched the phone, threw his brew on the victim, and fled in a white Mercedez Benz.

The joe-throwing phone-snatcher is described as a male American Indian with brown eyes who stands about 5-feet-8.

A wheely close call

A would-be wheel stealer targeted a car parked on E. 65th Street on March 26 — but ran off before finishing the job.

Police say a woman parked her vehicle near National Drive at 9 pm. When she came back the next morning, she found a jack under her car and a tire iron nearby, but the wheels were intact, law enforcement sources said.

With friends like these…

A friendly get-together got out of control when some teens looted a bunch of jewelry from their friend’s Royce Street house on March 25.

A teen had some friends over to thier home near Avenue T at around 5 pm, but the situation went sour when the “friends” took a slew of jewelry and a laptop, police said. There were no arrests, but cops say they have a suspect.

Tab-let me go

Cops cuffed three suspects who they say tried to rob a woman of a tablet computer on Avenue H in Canarsie on March 27.

The woman told police she was near E. 56th Steet at 9:30 pm when one of the suspects flashed a blade and demanded her computer, police say. When she ran, the perp’s lackies chased her before the cops broke the fracas up, officials said.

Cops slapped two of the suspects with first-degree robbery charges — the third got a second-degree robbery charge, according to police.

Cribbed crates

Someone took a cache of cardboard boxes from behind a Flatbush Avenue grocery store on March 26.

According to police, someone snuck around the back of a market near Lott Place at around midnight and stole a whole bale of boxes valued at $350. Police say there is no description of the suspect and this is the first time someone pinched packages from behind the store.

— Max Jaeger

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