Gulp! I can’t stand the mayor’s soda ban!

Yup it’s a done deal. Big daddy Mayor Mike has achieved his goal of taking care of us yet again. The Board of Health passed his resolution which bans the sale of 16-ounce cups of sugar-containing sodas and non-diet sweetened drinks at restaurants, concession stands and other eating establishments, and it takes effect in March. The mayor touted this ban to the Board of Health as a method of fighting the obesity epidemic taking hold of our children.

Really? What difference does it make if you have one Big Gulp or two small ones? It’s still the same calorie count —you’re just paying double, especially in all those places that don’t offer free refills (the Holy Grail of restaurant fringe benefits, if you ask me).

I also wonder why our illustrious mayor hasn’t promoted a ban on large cup-size beers that you get at the ball games? Or the foot-long hot dogs nesting in processed white flour buns that go along with them. Certainly those choices don’t promote a healthy diet. And with all the yeast and hops in beer, doesn’t that promote obesity as well? Besides alcohol is much worse for you than an Orange Fanta. In fact a large Nehi ain’t gonna get you busted for a DUI or impair your judgement. You don’t get brave on Dr. Pepper.

Did the mayor take into account why some parents might purchase one large drink when he was drafting this ridiculous piece of legislation? Maybe they are looking to save money and buy the one biggie size to share it among their children? It seems the mayor isn’t interested in their plight, just the plight of one individual guzzling down one whole drink. My, oh my, one whole drink, 16 silly little ounces.

Banning big drinks isn’t going to obliterate obesity any more than calorie information prevents people from ordering a Big Mac and large fries at Micky D’s. Folks will just buy two to make up the difference.

If the mayor really wants to wipe away fat, start promoting fresh veggies and fruits and make the cost of carrots and celery less than the cost of a box of mac and cheese so families can afford to buy the healthier option. Have corner convenient stores stock up on healthy choices instead of processed food products that are just expensive, empty calories — and just plain junk.

There are lots of ways the city and the mayor can promote healthy lifestyles. Banning 16 ounce gulps isn’t one of them.

No, this is just another attempt by the mayor to flex his Napoleonic muscles and control every aspect of our lives. “I am the mayor hear me ban.”

Not for Nuthin, but I’d rather chug-a-lug a Big Gulp of prune juice than swallow another ounce more of the mayor’s swill. When does his term end?

Joanna DelBuono writes about national issues — and soft drinks — every Wednesday on BrooklynDaily.com. E-mail her at jdelbuono@cnglocal.com.

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