Gun-toting bandits raid apartment for cash

90th Precinct


Guns blazing

Bandits barged into a S. First Street apartment with firearms on Sept. 10 and ran off with $8,000 and a bundle of valuables.

The victim told cops four baddies — two with guns — knocked on the door of her apartment near Borinquen Place at 9:15 pm, and when her daughter answered the door they forced their way into the apartment and told everyone to get into a back bedroom and stay there.

Two of the nasty looters asked where the money was hidden, then all four started rifling through the apartment until they came across some cash boxes with $8,000 inside, authorities say.

The pirates ran off with the cash, plus a bunch of other possessions, including jewelry, a couple of cellphones, and a Social Security card, according to a police report.


A scalawag bashed in the windows of a car at S. Third Street and stole a bunch of pillows and other home decor sometime during the night of Sept. 10 or the early morning of Sept. 11.

Authorities say the victim left her vehicle parked near Rodney Street at around 10:40 pm on Sept. 10, and when she came back at 9:45 am the next day the front passenger-side window was shattered and the rear door was open.

The victim told cops a bunch of throw pillows, shams, sheets, comforters and other interior decor items were missing from the car, and the thief had left a screwdriver on the front seat.

Pocket pilfer

A pick-pocket pilfered a guy’s phone while he was standing on an overpass on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in the early morning hours of Sept. 12.

The victim told cops he was on his way home from a bar and stopped on the overpass near S. Third and Rodney streets at 4 am to take a break when the two terrors approached from behind and stated they were police, before sticking their hands down his pockets and pulling out his cellphone, credit cards, a wad of cash, and his ID.

The pilferers fled down Borinquen Place towards Marcy Avenue, according to a police report.

— Allegra Hobbs

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