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Gun-toting duo robs food-delivery guy

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Customers are wrong

Two goons robbed a Chinese-food delivery man of his food and cash on Monument Walk on March 24, authorities said.

The 35-year-old delivery guy told police he went to drop off food at an apartment in the Ingersoll Houses near Park Avenue at 10:50 pm, when two men threatened him with a gun and made him fork over his food, and $308 in hard-earned cash.

Bad math

A lowlife tried to pay for his sandwich at a Classon Avenue deli using a one-dollar bill on March 28, then demanded that the clerk give him $20 in change, police reported.

A worker said the guy ordered a sandwich from the deli between Putnam and Gates avenues at 6:39 am, and tried to pay a measly buck. The lout told him he had given him a $20, and demanded that he return it, cops said.

The deli man saw a black handgun in the tough guy’s pocket and forked over the bigger bill, according to authorities. The goon took off with his $19 haul down Classon towards Fulton Street, a report says.


A trio of toughs tried and failed to rob a guy on Waverly Avenue on March 28, cops said.

The 34-year-old victim was between Gates Avenue and Fulton Street at 2:25 pm when someone came up from behind, put him in a choke-hold and threw him to the ground, police reported.

A second and then a third brute approached and tried to grab the guy’s phone, headphones, and bag but could not, according to a report. The victim’s phone broke in the struggle, and the three galoots took off towards Fulton Street, cops said.

He fell for it

Police cuffed a 17-year-old who they say tried to steal a phone from the backpack of an undercover cop in a sting operation at the Fulton Street G station on March 26.

Cops said their guy was standing in the station with a phone in the mesh pocket of his knapsack at 3:32 pm. They arrested the teen after seeing him bump into the decoy, reach into the pocket, and take the phone, police said.

Survival tactic

A crook swiped survival gear from a fellow’s unlocked car on Waverly Place on March 25, according to authorities.

The 36-year-old victim reported he was unloading the vehicle between Flushing and Park avenues at 7 pm and left the car unlocked, according to a report. When he came outside, his backpack, which contained two phones, a mini-survival-kit, and a fleece hat, had vanished from inside the car, police said.

Double trouble

A crafty crook jumped a fence and stole two bikes from a backyard on Willoughby Street on March 26, police stated.

The 41-year-old victim told police he had two Montague folding mountain bikes on a rack behind his building, between Fleet and Ashland places. The cyclist found his rides missing on March 28 and a camera showed someone hopping the fence and swiping the compact bikes on March 26 at 2 am, according to authorities.

Mobile autos

There were two car break-ins near S. Portland Avenue on March 28.

A thief smashed in a woman’s car window and stole a backpack when she left her car for 10 minutes on S. Portland Avenue on March 28, cops said.

The victim said she parked the car near Hanson Place at 6:25 pm and returned to find her passenger-side window shattered and her bag gone, according to a report. The bag contained debit and credit cards, police stated.

The same day, near the same intersection, a lowlife swiped a man’s bag from the trunk of his car, authorities reported.

The 40-year-old victim said he parked the vehicle and went to work at 3:35 pm and, when he returned at 10:10 pm, the tote had vanished, according to police. The pouch contained a tablet, a cellphone, and a bus ticket, cops said.

Car gone conclusion

An anti-social auto-phile stole a 64-year-old man’s car from Clermont Avenue on March 22, police said.

The man told police he parked his 1990 Honda Accord between Willoughby and DeKalb avenues at 2:30 am and, when he returned at 3 pm, the car had disappeared.

— Matthew Perlman

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