Gun-toting goons raid Kings Highway home

Highway home invasion

Three goons raided a Kings Highway home at gunpoint on Sept. 27, taking $400 and an assortment of electronics.

The suspects surprised the victim outside of his home near E. 41st Street just after 2 am, telling the 24-year-old, “Let’s go inside the house.”

The thieves took the victim inside, where they stole the property and fled — taking pot shots at the house as they made their escape.

Bergen bozos

Two crooks swiped a gold chain during an Oct. 2 gunpoint robbery on E. 68th Street — but ended up in a holding cell after they got lost in Bergen Beach.

The thieves pulled up to their victim in a white Nissan Maxima near Veterans Avenue at 4:28 pm. They then fled the area, only to be grabbed by police and charged with robbery.

Three on one

A terror trio pistol-whipped a 31-year-old during a violent exchange on Avenue J on Sept. 29 — but ended up taking nothing.

The victim was in the rear of his building, located near E. 37th Street at 1:50 pm when the gunman attacked, leaving the 31-year-old with injuries that required medical attention.

Delivery devils

Two goons jumped a delivery man on E. 52nd Street on Sept. 29 — taking the food he was about to drop off.

The suspects grabbed the victim at 11:40 pm, placing a knife to his chest as they demanded he give up everything he had, the victim told police.

Small robbery

A thief on a bicycle pulled a knife on a 13-year-old boy on Avenue K on Sept. 30 — stealing a whopping $1.15.

The victim was nearing E. 55th Street at 1:35 pm when the teenage thief rolled up and flashed his weapon.

“If you don’t give me anything, I’m going to stab you,” he threatened.

Bike bilk bust

A 20-year-old broke into an E. 43rd Street garage, where he took a bicycle, according to police.

Cops say they nabbed the thief shortly after the 12:57 am break-in.

Window creep

A thief wiggled into the side window of an E. 32nd Street home on Sept. 28, taking some jewelry and electronics.

The crook forced his way into the home near Avenue R sometime after 2 pm.

More phone snatches

A thief snagged a Blackberry Curve from a 12-year-old boy on Haring Street on Sept. 26, after asking the victim for the time.

The thief approached the boy as he stood by a bus stop near Avenue R at 3 pm. After posing his question, he grabbed the phone and ran down Haring Street, the victim told police.

Duane Reade loot

Three thieves ransacked a Duane Reade on Avenue U on Oct. 2, taking more than $1,000 in products.

Workers at the store, which is between Nostrand Avenue and Haring Street, said the suspects, who were wearing construction helmets and reflective vests, barrelled in at 10:10 am and started yanking items off of store shelves — fleeing with an assortment of creams and over-the-counter drugs.

— Thomas Tracy