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Gun-toting lout knocks out guy and robs kid

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Knock out

Some lout with a gun bashed two guys and stole one kid’s phone and wallet on Columbia Place on April 11.

The victims told police that the jerk flashed his gray firearm and hissed, “Take off your belt” near Joralemon Street at 6 pm. He then struck one guy in the face — a blow that left him unconscious.

Next, the brute kicked the kid, causing him to drop his phone and wallet, grabbed the loot, and fled, according to a report.

Teen trauma

A crew of baddies attacked and robbed an 18-year-old girl on Doughty Street on April 11.

The teenager was near Furman Street at 4:30 pm when an acquaintance and seven unknown villains punched and kicked her, knocking her to the ground, cops said. The filcher then took the girl’s phone out of her hand, along with her MetroCard, and fled, according to authorities.

Grab and go

A sneak stole a woman’s wallet from her bag as she was shopping in a Fulton Street store on April 12.

The woman was browsing at the store between Bridge and Duffield streets at 5:30 pm and had her purse open in a shopping cart, a report said. She briefly turned away and pivoted back around to find that a weasel had taken her wallet.

She told police a woman had handed her a dress while her back was turned, and that could have been an attempt to distract her.

Cash splash

A trio of nogoodniks punched and stole $5,000 from a woman on Atlantic Avenue on April 13 after threatening to shoot her.

The victim was near Hoyt Street at 8:05 pm when an acquaintance forcibly grabbed her and took the wad of cash, threatening, “B—-, shut up or we gonna shoot you,” and punched her in the face.

A couple of cads also assisted in the heist, then climbed into a Nissan Altima that sped away.

Unanswered prayers

Some snake stole a woman’s bag from a Montague Street church on April 15.

The lady told cops she placed her bag — containing $180 — on the coat rack at the house of worship near Clinton Street at 12:30 pm, and when she returned from work to retrieve it, it was gone.

— Lauren Gill

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