Gun-toting passengers rob cabbie on Graham

94th Precinct


Wanna go for a ride

A group of taxi passengers robbed their driver of his cellphone after he picked them up on Graham Avenue on Sept. 30, officers said.

The victim said that he picked up the three goons from the corner of Grand Street at 2:05 am. They told him to take them to N. Eighth Street between Driggs and Bedford avenues, according to a report. When they arrived, one of the toughs opened the front, passenger-side door and pointed a gun at the driver, police stated.

“Give me your money and everything,” the bandit supposedly ordered.

The hack put the cab in reverse and tried to back away, but the villain reached across and turned the key to the “Off” position, then grabbed the cabbie’s cellphone and ran off down Bedford Avenue, cops said.

Knife to meet you

A pair of robbers held up a woman at knifepoint on Leonard Street on Oct. 1, officers related.

The victim reported that she was walking at Nassau Avenue at 4:55 am when two fiends stood in her way and one stuck the blade in her face.

The other lout jammed his hands in her pockets and grabbed her cellphone, credit card, glasses, wallet, and $40 cash, according to a report.


A not-so-sneaky thief tried and half-failed to steal the cash out of a man’s pockets while he was sleeping on a bench on Kingsland Avenue on Oct. 5, law enforcement officials said.

The victim told police that he was dozing on the seat in a building between Withers and Jackson streets at 1:05 pm when he felt someone going through his pockets. He awoke and tried to fight off the sneak, but the guy ran away with $120 in cash, though not without dropping the man’s bank card, per the NYPD.

Make it stick

Police arrested a man who they say beat another fellow with a stick on Graham Avenue on Oct. 5.

The victim said he was between Engert and Driggs avenues at 10:05 pm when the suspect suddenly started whacking him.

The stick left bruises all over the victim’s body and officers charged the accused 40-year-old with assault, they said.

Hang up, already

Two crooks on bicycles accosted and robbed a woman as she was walking down N. Fifth Street on Sept. 30, a police report says.

The victim said she was talking on her phone on N. Fifth Street at 11:02 pm when two shady characters on bicycles rode past her, nodded to each other, then turned around.

The woman continued to gab away to her faraway friend even though the goons were now headed straight for her, law enforcement officials said. One then swooped in and grabbed the phone out of her hand and the pair pedaled off down Fifth Street towards Kent Avenue, according to the authorities.

— Danielle Furfaro