Gun-toting robbers mug man sitting in car

94th Precinct


Jacked in a car

A pair of testy robbers mugged a guy as he was sitting in his car on Jackson Street on Sept. 17, cops said.

The victim said that he was sitting in his car at the corner of Debevoise Avenue at 8:30 pm when two goons approached his car from either side, one toting a gun.

“Give me your s— or I will shoot you,” the fiend on the driver’s side said.

The scoundrel then reached in and stole the victim’s necklace, watch, cellphone, and cash, and his partner grabbed the victim’s watch, according to a report.


A lowlife stole a woman’s purse as she lounged in McCarren Park on Sept. 14, law enforcement officials said.

The victim said she sat down in the grass at 10 pm and set her bag next to her, and when she got up to leave the park about an hour later, it had been pilfered. The bag contained the woman’s iPhone, credit cards, makeup, and cash, according to cops.

Flirting with theft

A gang of women stole a man’s bag after stopping to flirt with him on N. Fourth Street on Sept. 20, police stated.

The victim said he was taking pictures of the East River from the corner of Kent Avenue at 3:40 pm when the ladies came up to shoot the breeze.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw one of the tricksters grab his camera bag, then jump into a cab, officers reported. The bag contained his Nikon tripod, wallet, book, and cash, a report recounts.

Family feud

A woman was arrested after she allegedly beat her sister with a stick in their Debevoise Avenue home on Sept. 16, according to police.

The 40-year old victim said she was at the abode between Jackson Avenue and the dead end at 1:30 pm when she got into an argument with her sister.

The 31-year-old sister set upon her with a large, plastic stick, injuring her sister’s left hand, cops reported. Officers arrested the sister and charged her with assault.

— Danielle Furfaro

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