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Gun-toting thug robs man — again

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Deja vu

A thug mugged a man for the second time in a year on 82nd Street on Feb. 4, according to cops.

The victim told police he parked his car between 18th and 20th avenues and was walking home at 11:50 pm when he felt the barrel of a gun jabbed into his left side and heard a familiar voice.

“You know me. Give me all you have,” the voice said.

The victim said he recognized the voice as that of the man who had robbed him in a similar fashion in May 2012, and forked over the $90 he had in his wallet.

“Go straight and don’t look back,” the villain said after he had the dough.

The victim followed the orders, and heard the crook fleeing.

Unhappy Valentine’s Day

Three shady ladies shoplifted a romantic gift basket from an 86th Street retailer — then kicked the store owner in the face when he tried to stop them — on Feb. 14 police report.

The store owner said the femme fatale trio came into the shop between Bay Parkway and Bay 31st Street at 7:15 pm and tried to sneak out with the Valentine surprise. The owner tried to grab it back, but one of the wicked women staggered him with a foot to the face.

Kettle red

A lowlife cracked a man over the head with a tea kettle full of boiling water inside a Bay Parkway restaurant on Feb. 17, authorities say.

The victim said he was sitting inside the eatery between 67th and 68th streets at 8 pm when the fiend hit him with the pot, splashing scalding water onto his shoulder and left arm, causing second-degree burns.


A tool struck a man over the head with a hammer on 75th Street on Feb. 17, police say.

The victim reported he was near New Utrecht Avenue at 4 pm when an unknown goon came up behind him and hit him on the left side of the skull with the blunt object.

Big break

Three goons smashed through the wall of an 18th Avenue supermarket and stole $12,000 from inside sometime overnight on Feb. 15, cops report.

Security cameras show the wrecking crew busting into the store between 85th and 86th streets with a crowbar at 8:45 pm, breaking the door of the office and taking the stash of cash from inside.

Beat biter

A villain stole a pair of Beat headphones from a Kings Highway apartment on Feb. 15, authorities say.

The victim said she came back to her home between W. Fifth and W. Sixth streets at 3 pm and saw the expensive listening devices gone.

— Will Bredderman

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