Gunman hold up Ave. N eatery

Restaurant raid

Two gunman held up workers at an Avenue N restaurant on May 17, taking $380.

The thieves barreled inside at 10:20 pm, ordering everyone to get down on the floor.

After emptying the register, the thieves demanded to know where the safe was, but fled after taking a plastic container holding more money.

Bad take out

A thief in a blue bandana pulled a gun on a young woman ordering food inside an Avenue T eatery on May 18.

Workers told police that the thief followed the woman into the eatery, which is near E. 59th Street, at 9 pm, then put the gun to her neck, demanding all of her money — but ran off with only a debit card.

Basement raid

Two thieves kicked their way into an E. 42nd Street home in Flatlands on May 16, taking $540 in cash and some jewelry.

The goons forced a rear basement door open around noon, police were told.

Hendrickson hooliganism

A couple of goons broke into a Hendrickson Street home on May 16, taking an assortment of electronics.

The thieves, who witnesses said were dressed in all black, forced the rear door to the home open at around 3 pm.

Cleaned out

Thieves broke into a Ralph Avenue laundromat on May 18, taking $150.

Workers at the laundry, which is near Avenue N, crept through a rooftop vent sometime after 11:30 pm in order to get inside, workers told police.

Quick steal

A opportunistic thief rifled through a car with a door left open on E. 72nd Street in Bergen Beach on May 15, taking a woman’s wallet.

The victim said that she left the car on the block -— but accidentally left her door open, giving the thief an open invitation.

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