Gunman opens fire on Avenue W

Hit by ricochet

A trigger-happy gunman opened fire into a crowd of people outside of an Avenue W bodega on Aug. 17, hitting an innocent bystander in the buttocks.

The victim was nearing Nostrand Avenue — on his way to another store — at 1 am when the unidentified gunman opened fire, sending the crowd in front of the bodega scattering.

Van high-jack

A team of crooks hijacked a van on Harway Avenue on Aug. 19 — stealing the wheels right out from underneath the driver.

The victim had just gotten into his van — which was parked near Bay 46th Street and contained more than $1,000 in electronics — at noon when the suspects jumped him, flashing a .22 caliber pistol. The thieves pulled the driver out of the van, jumped inside and rolled off with the loot, said cops, who arrested two of the suspects a short time later.

Beaten for cellphone

Two thugs jumped a man on Brighton Beach Avenue on Aug. 21 — running off with their victim’s cellphone.

The suspects jumped the victim as he neared Brighton Seventh Street at 10:10 pm, witnesses told police. They punched him in the face and ran off with his phone — only to be arrested by cops in the 60th Precinct a short time later.

Tool burgle

A 59-year-old was arrested on Aug. 21 after he was caught inside a 68th Street resident’s garage, rummaging through the man’s tools.

The owner of the home, which is near 21st Avenue, peered into his garage at 10:10 am, finding the suspect inside.

Store raid

A 21-year-old goon was arrested on Aug. 18 after he raided a Bay Parkway grocery.

The would-be shoplifter entered the store, which is near 87th Street, at 6:15 am, employees said. A short time later, he was seen pocketing potato chips and beef jerky and smashing bottles of beer on the ground.

The thief was arrested shortly after leaving the store, charged with criminal mischief and petit larceny.

Bike stolen

Two goons beat up a 12-year-old for his bike on Aug. 12 during a skirmish inside an Avenue Y park.

The victim was playing hoops with two friends near E. 18th Street at 5:30 pm when the suspects walked up and started arguing with him about his bike.

As the argument heated up, the suspects punched the victim in the face and rolled off with the two-wheeler.

Slashed by beau

An unhinged 36-year-old attacked his girlfriend during a heated Aug. 20 dispute on E. 11th Street — slashing her in the hand with a blade.

The victim and her beau were arguing inside an apartment, which is between Avenues Y and Z, at 5:30 am when the suspect attacked.

Bay Academy attack

Two masked thugs jumped a 9-year-old boy behind Bay Academy on Aug.10, cutting the child’s stomach during the Emmons Avenue skirmish.

The victim’s grandmother was taking him to a summer program at the school, which is between E. 14th and E. 15th streets, when the 5:55 pm attack took place.

Yacht club burgle

A thief broke into the Brooklyn Yacht Club on Voorhies Avenue on Aug. 17, taking $8,000.

The crooks scaled a fence and crawled through a bathroom window at the building, which is near Plumb First Street, sometime after 9:30 pm, taking a cash box found inside.

iPhone grab

A thief snatched an iPhone from a 32-year-old woman’s hand on Aug. 19 during an exchange on a Coney Island-bound Q train.

The victim was exiting the train at the Gravesend Neck Road station at 2:50 pm when the thief plucked the pricey communications device from her hand and ran off with it.

Car stripper bust

Three thieves were arrested on Aug. 18 when they were caught stripping a 2008 Ford Van parked on Brigham Street.

Cops were rolling by Emmons Avenue at 9:30 pm when they saw the thieves, the youngest 23, the oldest 27, unbolting pieces of the van.

One of the thieves had started the van with a screwdriver, police said.

— Thomas Tracy