Gunman pistolwhips prey

Pistolwhipped and robbed

A thug attacked a man with a pistol on E. 103rd Street on July 7, then swiped the man’s cash and cellphone.

The victim was between Flatlands and Avenue J when the suspect attacked, striking him with the butt of his gun. Seconds later the thief was gone — with the victim’s cellphone and $190 — although cops caught up with him a short time later, charging him with robbery.

Bicycle picker

A thief armed with a sharp hair pick swiped a bicycle from another teen on Avenue K on July 7 — but was arrested a short time later.

The victim was riding his bike near E. 81st Street at 8:45 pm when the suspect stopped him in his tracks and slashed the victim with the pick, leaving him with a cut.

“Give me your bike or I will shoot you,” the thief threatened before taking the bike.

Cops caught up with the pedal pincher a short time later, charging him with robbery.

July 4 stabbing

A 20-year-old was arrested for a Fourth of July stabbing on E. 80th Street.

The suspect was arguing with another man near Flatlands Avenue at 11:12 pm when he plunged his knife into the man’s arm and chest.

The victim was rushed to a local hospital, where he was listed in stable condition, while his assailant was taken into custody, charged with assault.

— Thomas Tracy