Gunman raid radio shack

Radio Shack raid

Gun toting thieves raided a local Radio Shack as it was being opened for business on the morning of May 16.

Workers at the electronics store on Flatbush Avenue between Avenues T and U said that they were pulling up the roll-down gates at 10 am when two men approached.

One of the men flashed a gun, forced the employees inside and bound them with duct tape.

The thieves then ransacked the place, taking over $3,300 in jewelry, an assortment of cell phones, and the employees’ jewelry, police said.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to come forward.

Calls can be made to the 63rd Precinct at (718) 258-4411. All calls will be kept confidential.

Villainous valet

A 23-year-old was arrested earlier this week when cops saw him operating two stolen cars on two separate dates.

Prosecutors allege that Joshua Paulicelli was seen driving a 1995 Honda on East 15th Street between Avenues H and I back on May 4.

The vehicle was obviously stolen, witnesses said, explaining that the steering column had been broken, the ignition had been ripped out and a back window had been broken.

Cops were preparing to arrest Paulicelli when he was spotted in a second stolen car at the corner of Avenue H and East 15th Street on May 13.

Police said this time he was seen in a 1996 Honda with a broken steering column.

When Paulicelli was taken into custody on criminal possession of stolen property charges, cops learned that the first car he was seen in was reported stolen back on March 4. The second vehicle had been reported stolen on May 11, police said.

Mystery attack

Cops are trying to figure just what sparked a May 1 assault that left a 42-year-old man with a deep head wound.

The victim told police that a white male in his thirties attacked him — although he didn’t know why — near the corner of East 13th Street and Avenue R at 3:30 am.

The victim admitted he had very little recollection of the event save for the ending: he was left with a deep cut to his head that needed staples to close.

Courageous clerk

An employee at a local restaurant faced down a gunman during an attempted robbery on May 12.

Police said that the unidentified thief entered the restaurant, which is on Ralph Avenue between Flatlands Avenue and Bergen Avenue, at 10:40 pm and attempted to take cash from the register.

When an observant employee stopped him, the man pulled a gun and demanded the money, but the victim wouldn’t relent.

The thief fled the eatery empty handed, officials said.

Bookbag grab

Two bullies attacked a boy and made off with his bookbag — but didn’t get far.

A 15-year-old boy was attacked by two older boys as he walked along Quentin Road on his way to school May 5 at 7:55 am.

The teen broke free after a brief struggle, but one of the suspects grabbed his $80 backpack as he ran off.

The thieves didn’t have long to enjoy their spoils, however.

Cops from the 61st Precinct arrested both 17-year-old thieves, charging them with robbery.

Back door burgle

A thief broke into an East 70th Street home on May 11 where he filched a safe containing thousands of dollars in property.

The 33-year-old homeowner told police that she left her home, which is located between Avenues W and X, at 7 am.

When she returned that evening, she discovered that someone had forced open the rear door.

The only thing missing was the safe, which contained $4,000, some jewelry and a passport.

Front door man

A thief kicked in the front door to a Bergen Beach apartment on May 12, taking electronics, jewelry and an assortment of pricey cigars.

Police were told that the thief entered the East 73rd Street home, which is between Avenues M and L, sometime after 8:15 am.

When the 38-year-old tenant returned after a hard day of work — maybe hoping to enjoy a stogie — she found the front door open and her apartment ransacked.

Not so sunny

A bunch of tunnel rats dug their way into Sunnydale Farms on May 13, taking over $1,800 in receipts and several cartons of cigarettes.

Police said someone cut through the rear wall of the Avenue N grocery store, which is between East 49th Street and Utica Avenue, sometime after 8:20 pm.

Workers didn’t realize that they had been burglarized until the next morning, when they found a gaping hole in their wall.

Vehicle loot

A thief smashed a window to a car parked along Royce Street on May 9, taking what was inside.

Police said that the car was broken into sometime after 3 pm on the stretch between Bergen Cove Road and Avenue T. Some electronics and auto parts were removed.

Meter menaces

Cops are investigating two bizarre Avenue U burglaries in which the only things removed were the businesses’ water meters.

Officials said that on May 7 a thief snipped the lock on the basement doors to the Penthouse beauty salon, which is on Avenue U between Ocean Avenue and East 21st Street, sometime after closing at 8 pm.

The felon accessed the basement, but only ran off with the water meter, which was valued at $200.

The same thing happened at a Payless Shoes, which is on Avenue U between East 16th and East 17th streets, sometime after closing on May 5, but this time someone actually bashed through a concrete basement wall to get one of these cherished water meters.

Cops are asking anyone with information to contact the 61st Precinct at (718) 627-6611. All calls will be kept confidential.

Apartment raid

A thief entered an East 14th Street apartment on May 7, taking $40, a Fuji camera and a gold necklace.

The 39-year-old tenant told police that she returned to her home, which is between Kings Highway and Avenue R, at 3:50 pm, when she found the place ransacked.

Cops later determined that the thief entered by removing the screen to a bedroom window.