Gunman shoots woman on Throop Avenue

90th Precinct


Throop shooing

A gunman shot a woman in the right leg on Throop Avenue on March 8.

The victim told police she was waiting for a bus near Thornton Street at 6:28 pm when she heard a shot fired and noticed the bullet grazed her leg. The victim did not see the gunman.

Squatter damage

Squatters destroyed an abandoned Metropolitan Avenue building’s toilet, sinks, stove, and bathtub, and stole its water meter.

The owner of the building near Orient Avenue told police that he locked it up on Jan. 25 at 1 pm, but when he returned on Feb. 4 at noon, he saw the rear door was unlocked and the building was damaged.

Laptop lunacy

A jerk on a bicycle stole a man’s laptop on Driggs Avenue on March 9.

The victim told police he was locking up his car near Broadway at 1:25 pm when the perp rode up behind him, snatched the laptop, and rode away.

Phone pilfer

A thief stole an iPhone and laptop from a Grand Street apartment on March 8 while its tenant was sleeping.

The tenant told cops she fell asleep in her apartment near Keap Street at 2 am, but when she woke up at noon, she saw screwdriver marks on her door and her electronics were missing.


A thief grabbed a woman’s iPhone and pushed her to the ground on Montrose Avenue on March 5.

The victim told police she was near Humboldt Street at 11:10 pm when the perp tried to snatch her phone.

She refused to give it up, so the thief shouted, “B—-, let the phone go,” and pushed her to the ground.

Cash gone

A thief stole a pocketbook from a car parked on S. Ninth Street on March 7.

The driver said she was loading up her car near Bedford Avenue at 4 pm when she noticed that her purse, containing $500, was missing.

— Aaron Short