Gunmen hold up man and try to rob his friend’s home

94th Precinct


Knock knock

A couple of brutes mugged a guy on Bedford Avenue on Nov. 15 — and then tried to break into his friend’s apartment.

The victim was standing in front of his buddy’s building near N. 11th Street at 3:45 am when the duo walked up and displayed some guns, then grabbed the guy’s cash, keys, and identification, according to a police report.

The scoundrels then told the guy to walk into the building and forced him to knock on his friend’s door, authorities said. The guy’s pal told cops when he opened the door he saw the two ruffians pointing guns in his face and slammed the door, barricading himself in his apartment, according to a police report.

The guy at gunpoint ended up taking off running and the gunmen scattered in an unknown direction, cops said.

Money laundry-ers

A dirty duo climbed into a laundromat on Berry Street through a window and stole some cash on Nov. 15.

The victim told cops he saw two guys enter the wash shop at N. 12th Street through a back window at 4 am, after coming into the backyard from a neighboring construction site. The baddies grabbed $350 in cash before hoofing it, according to a police report.

What a bum

A rake robbed a woman at Bedford Avenue and N. Sixth Street in the early morning hours of Nov. 12.

The woman was on her way to work at 5:20 am when the scoundrel came up behind her and asked for a cigarette, cops said. The lout then grabbed the lady’s bag and fled down N. Sixth Street towards Wythe Avenue, authorities said.

Car alarm

A scofflaw stole a laptop out of a guy’s car at McGuinness Boulevard on Nov. 11.

The victim told cops his vehicle was parked near Calyar Street when he heard the alarm go off at 2:45 pm and peered out his window to see the sneak inside his car snagging his computer.

The scalawag left the guy’s rear passenger-side window damaged and ran down McGuinness Boulevard towards Norman Avenue, authorities said.

— Allegra Hobbs

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