Gunmen raid home

Cellphone snagA 16-year-old was arrested on Nov. 24 after he tried to steal a cellphone from another teen on Avenue U.Car rootA hooligan was arrested on Nov. 20 after he was caught swiping two portable DVD players from a car parked in the Kings Plaza parking lot.Digging inCops from the 63rd Precinct have arrested one of three goons wanted for a Sept. 16 shovel attack on E. 48th Street.Almost inA thief tried to break into an Avenue M home on Nov. 17, but found removing an air conditioner from a window more of a chore than he first thought.Snagged from handA thief plucked an iPod from a 20-year-old womanSwept into cellA 44-year-old woman was in custody on Nov. 26 after she attacked another woman on Avenue O with a broom handle.BoozinA 28-year-old was arrested on drunk driving charges on Nov. 20 after he was caught sleeping in his 2006 BMW at the corner of Utica Avenue and Avenue J.Home invasionThree thieves forced their way into an E. 56th Street home on Nov. 17, terrorizing an 18-year-old they found inside.Four on oneA criminal quartet jumped a 53-year-old man outside of his Flatlands home on Nov. 15, then forced him inside his basement apartment, where they robbed him of his property.Bag grabA thug grabbed a woman on Avenue K on Nov. 15 and ran off with her handbag, police were told.