Gunpoint, Bklyn

Masked gunmen mugged three women as they walked home from a bar on June 15.

Two crooks confronted the women when they were on Meeker Avenue between Kingsland Avenue and Monitor Street at around 2:55 pm.

“Empty your pockets,” demanded an armed crook in a black cap whose face was obscured with a white bandana.

The women handed over their wallets and the thugs ran off, getting away with IDs, credit cards, two Blackberries and $86.

Cowardly attack

Three thugs targeted a teenager with a broken leg on June 13, throwing him to the ground and beating him with a cane until police nabbed the pugilists.

The crooks started an argument with the 14-year-old victim at around 9:50 pm, knocking him off his feet on the corner of Nassau Avenue and Henry Street. Two of the wrongdoers held the victim to the ground while another beat him with a cane in the groin.

Cops arrested three suspects.

Copper crooks

Thieves got onto the roof of a Manhattan Avenue warehouse, snatching $6,000 worth of copper from a cellular antenna.

The crooks stole the increasingly precious metal from the cell site on the corner of Skillman Avenue sometime between May 11 and June 12, when workers from the national cellular provider made their monthly inspection.

In all, crooks got six copper poles and one copper grounding plate.

Grocery raid

Crooks broke into a supermarket on Meeker Avenue near Russell Street overnight on June 9 and snatched $5,000.

Thou not steal

A thug heartlessly snatched the purse of a woman praying inside a Manhattan Avenue church on June 14.

The victim had been praying for about an hour in the church, which is between Milton and Noble streets, when the unholy hoodlum put her in a chokehold and tried to grab her purse.

“Give it to me, give it to me,” he demanded.

The crook yanked the bag from the victim, knocking her to the floor and leaving her with cuts on her arm and knee. The sinner escaped with the purse, which contained $300 and a set of keys.


Crooks broke into a Russell Street nightclub on June 12, snatching cash and the register in which it sat.

The thugs broke into the club, which is near Norman Avenue, by busting through a side door between 1 and 9 am.

Once inside, they grabbed an HP laptop, four bottles of top shelf liquor, $1,000 and the cash register.

Armed mug!

A slim thug with a silver handgun mugged a 37-year-old woman as she walked home from the train on June 10.

The skinny crook confronted his victim at the corner of Jackson and Humboldt streets at around 9:50 pm.

“Give me your wallet,” he demanded, revealing the pistol.

The woman forked over a pink wallet, and the mugger ran off with her IDs and credit cards.

Hung up

A thick-skulled thief grabbed a phone in McCarren Park, but when he tried to extort his victim, he dialed up a trip to jail.

The thief pounced when the victim forgot his phone near the corner of Bedford Avenue and Lorimer Street at 8:45 pm on June 8.

At 10 am the next day, the victim called his own phone and the thief picked up and offered to meet his victim.

But at the confab, the thief refused to fork over the phone without receiving a $70 finder’s fee. Cops nabbed the 31-year-old suspect later that day.

Bloody crime

A self-professed gang member robbed a 14-year-old of his Sidekick phone on June 12.

The thug — who was wearing a black baseball cap adorned with a skull and a black do-rag, cops said — confronted his victim near the corner North Eighth and Havemeyer streets at around 11:40 am.

“I got a gat,” the crook said, making an apparent reference to a firearm. He later told his victim that he was a member of the Bloods gang.

The victim forked over the T-Mobile phone — and its unlock code — and the crook fled.

The next day, a crook stole a Sidekick from a 13-year-old girl as she walked to school.

The girl told cops she was near Manhattan and Driggs avenues at around 8:10 am when the crook struck. He also got her Metrocard before he fled through McCarren Park.


A crook broke into a Chevy sedan on June 11 and ran off with everything he could carry.

The crook got into the car, which was parked Conselyea Street between Union Avenue and Lorimer Street, through an open rear window, or through the doors, which the driver might have left unlocked. The thug grabbed a Sony digital camera, IDs and credit cards at some time between 7 and 8:20 pm.

In an unrelated car theft, a crook broke into a car parked on the corner of North Eighth Street and Kent Avenue at around 10 pm June 6, snatching credit cards.