Gunpoint mugging near Fort Greene Park

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Walk in park

Some thug robbed a woman at gunpoint in Fort Greene Park on June 23, the latest incident in the crime-riddled greenspace.

The victim told cops that she was near Willoughby and St. Edwards streets at around 12:30 am when an unknown man approached her from behind and put his hand over her mouth. He then pulled out a silver handgun and pointed at her head, demanding her purse, phone and wallet. The victim complied and the robber fled.

It’s just the latest crime for an area that has seen thieves strike at least six times in the past three weeks. The rash of crimes prompted the 88th Precinct to assign more police in and around the park.

Hole ordeal

Someone cut a hole through the wall of a Gates Avenue apartment between June 18 and 19 to steal half a dozen gadgets and a suitcase.

The victim told cops that he left his home, which is near St. James Place, at 6 pm and returned the next day to discover that the window of the adjacent apartment had been forced open and a connecting wall had been torn up. Two televisions, his iPad, two laptops and his suitcase were taken.

Bodega burg

Thieves stole cash and other goods from a Myrtle Avenue bodega on June 19.

The manager of Emerson Grocery, which is near Emerson Place, told cops that he saw three unknown guys holding black plastic bags and browsing the aisles at around 7 pm. The trio fled before the manager could intervene, getting away with $200, cigarettes, calling cards and Lotto tickets.

Greene grab

Cops arrested two guys for swiping the iPhone from a woman sitting on a Greene Avenue stoop on June 21.

Cops say that the woman was hanging out near Grand Avenue at around 12:30 am when the two perps ran up to her, snatched her cell and fled. Police say that they collared both thieves later that day.

Unlocked down

Someone sneaked into a car near Prince Street and Flatbush Avenue Extension overnight on June 20 to steal a wallet.

The victim told cops that he parked his 1990 Toyota 4Runner at around 8 pm, but forgot to lock the doors. His wallet, which contained cash and cards, was gone when he returned at 8 pm.

Mad hatter

Some guy wearing a purple and yellow cap robbed two guys at gunpoint on Washington Avenue on June 23.

The victim told cops that they were between Lafayette and Greene avenues at around 4:50 am. The Lakers-colors–wearing perp approached, pulled out a handgun and stated “Gave me everything you got.” The guys handed over their wallets and the thief fled.

Cambridge caper

Cops arrested a guy who allegedly stole a Macbook from a Cambridge Avenue apartment on June 23.

The victim told cops that she was working in her home office, between Gates Avenue and Fulton Street, at around 10:30 am when she heard someone creeping around. She then spotted an unknown guy and called the cops. The thief fled with her laptop, but police nabbed their suspect later that day.

87 Cambridge Pl.

Kids’ play

A teen mugged a 14-year-old kid on Clinton Avenue on June 17.

The young victim told cops that he was near Park Avenue at 7:30 am when the perp approached and demanded his wallet. “I’ll hurt you,” the juvenile offender threatened.

The victim handed over his wallet, which contained a debit card, and the perp departed.

Mall rat

Someone stole $9,000 were of jewelry from an Atlantic Terminal Mall kiosk on June 25.

Cops say that there are mall security videos showing the thief breaking the lock on the kiosk, near Flatbush and Atlantic avenues, at around 9 pm to steal the goods.

— Alex Rush