Hairy situation on Bushwick Avenue

90th Precinct


Bad bite

A violent villain struck a woman in the head with a hairbrush and bit her hand on Bushwick Avenue on June 16, cops said.

The 24-year-old victim told police she got into an argument with the 18-year-old assailant near Montrose Avenue at 2 am. That’s when the thug struck her head and face with a wooden brush handle and then bit her hand.

Cops arrested two suspects.

Pool party

A thug smacked a pool stick over a man’s head inside a Manhattan Avenue bodega on June 11.

The victim told police he was in the bodega between McKibbin and Boerum streets at 2:50 pm when he got into an argument with the jerk over a pool game. During the tiff, the fiend struck the man’s head with his stick.

The brute fled down Boerum Street and emergency workers took the victim to Woodhull Hospital.

Laptops taken

A thief stole two computers from a Montrose Avenue apartment on June 12.

The tenants left their apartment between Graham Avenue and Humboldt Street at 11 am, but when the returned four hours later, their computers were missing.


A teen stole a 12-year-old boy’s iPod on Devoe Street on June 11.

The pre-teen was near Judge Street at 11:50 am when the teen approached.

“Give me the iPod or I’ll hit you,” the adolescent demanded. The boy handed it over and the perp ran through Cooper Park.

Testy texts

Police arrested a suspect who they said stole a woman’s iPhone while she was texting on it at Bushwick Avenue on June 16.

The woman was near Maujer Street at 2:20 pm when the perp grabbed her right arm and snatched the phone from her hands, she told police.

Phone strike

A thug struck a man in the face with a metal object, stole his phone, and shattered his car window on S. Fifth Street on June 11.

The victim was near Keap Street at 9:30 pm when the jerk knocked the phone out of his hand, he told cops.

But when the man picked his phone up, the crook clobbered his chin with a metal object and grabbed the phone. The thug then smashed the man’s rear window and fled.

Plasma plundered

A thief stole a TV and computer from a Metropolitan Avenue apartment on June 11.

The tenant left his apartment near Olive Street at 1 pm, but when he returned at 11:45 pm, his front door was ajar, his lock was broken, and his stuff was missing, he told police.

Bicycle thief

A crook stole a 10-year-old boy’s bicycle on Keap Street on June 17.

A witness told police she saw the perp approach the boy near Broadway at 8:10 pm, and take the bicycle from his hand before fleeing on Broadway.

— Aaron Short

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