Hall hell breaking loose! Mill Basinites want city to quell noisy catering hall

Hall hell breaking loose! Mill Basinites want city to quell noisy catering hall
Photo by Jordan Rathkopf

You can’t fight catering hall.

Mill Basinites are demanding the city crack down on a raucous, late-night catering hall on the corner of Avenue N and E. 51st Street. Neighbors, all of whom wished to remain anonymous, say they have been lodging complaints against Caribe Catering Hall for nearly three years, but claim police are doing little to curb the noise, double-parking, and litter that revelers leave behind. It’s so bad that another homeowner said he and his neighbors are considering moving to the ’burbs for some peace and quiet.

“Our homes are something we invest in and pay a lot of money, and we just want some results from the precinct,” said another E. 51st Street resident. “It’s making people just want to pick up and move somewhere.”

Locals lodged 30 noise complaints against the hall between May 15, 2015 and March 27, 2016, city records show.

Police respond to the hall, but they do not have a lasting impact, locals say.

“They lower the music when the cops come, and when they pass, they raise it up again,” one resident said.

The 63rd Precinct is aware of the problem and working on it, according to community affairs officer Ronette Benjamin.

A woman who identified herself as the catering hall’s manager said she wasn’t aware of the issue — and went on to say people just like to kvetch.

“I don’t know about anything,” said the woman, who declined to give a name. “People are always going to complain.”

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