Ham, eggs and certificates

Ham, eggs and certificates

Marine Park

They do so much for us that a whole week has been dedicated just to honor them; nurses that is. Beth Israel Medical Center recently honored 65 of the angels of mercy at a special breakfast that kicked off National Nurses Week with certificates of recognition of each of their levels of knowledge in specialized fields. Two of the outstanding Florence Nightingales with the most certificates were Michael Willis, APRN, MSN, CWOCN, CCRN, CEN and Mark Roberts, RN, MSN, Director, case management, PRI, bereavement, HERT-B. The rest of the nurses with just as many initials are Lucy Domagala RN, AS (PRI); Marguerite Corda, RN, MSN, VP of Patient Care Services (Alumnus CCRN); Robin Prince, RN, BSN (Med-Surg); Anne Blum, RN, AS, (Emergency Nursing); Elizabeth Esmarelda Elizes, RN, BSN (CCRN); Lisa Cohen, RN, MSN, Director of Nursing (NEC), and Shorna McKenzie, RN, AS (Med-Surg); Jennifer Reiser, RN, BSN, MS, Nurse Education Manager (CWON & Med-Surg); Lorraine Smith, RN, BSN (Med-Surg); Mary Ellen Cann, RN, AS (CCRN); Kathleen Rogers, RN, BSN, Nurse Manager (NEC); Mary Anne Gallagher, RN, MA (Pediatric Nursing); Mary Walsh, RN, MSN, VP of Patient Care Services & Chief Nursing Officer, Beth Israel Medical Center (NEA-BC & CEN); and Alwin Simon, RN, AS (Med-Surg).

All Standing O can say is, “OMG, we have run out of initials.”

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