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Hammer time: Trio pulls tool and gun on victims

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge—Dyker Heights

Hammer time

A terrible trio attacked and robbed two men with a mallet and a gun on 90th Street on Dec. 9, police reported.

The victims said they were near Gelston Avenue on their way home at 2:30 am when the threatening threesome came up behind them.

“Give me your f—— money!” one of the lowlifes supposedly yelled.

Another one of the goons then pulled out a hammer and struck one of the men over the skull, cops said. The first tough then pulled a gun and ordered the two of them to drop to the ground. The men complied, and the third goon went through their pockets and stole a cellphone, wallet, debit card, and $200 in cash.

Knife watch

A mugger stole a pricey timepiece at knifepoint from a man on 69th Street on Feb. 3, according to cops.

The victim reported that he was near 13th Avenue at 1:30 am when he felt the tip of a knife in his back.

“Give me your money,” a voice behind him supposedly demanded.

The victim surrendered his Breitling watch and $100 in cash, cops said.

Apple grove

A crook swiped a pair of iProducts and a wad of cash from a 65th Street home on Feb. 7, authorities reported.

The victim told cops that she left her house between 13th and 14th avenues at 9:25 am. When she returned at 1 pm, she discovered her iPhone and iPad, $3,000 in cash, and her jewelry all gone, police said.

Snow job

A crook ran off with a snowblower from a Marine Avenue garage on Feb. 4, cops said.

The victim said he left his home at the corner of 96th Street at 11:40 am — then came back 19 minutes later to find his sidewalk-clearer gone from his garage.


A trio of chiselers tried to clean out a 68th Street man on Feb. 4 but wound up getting chased out of his home empty-handed, police stated.

The would-be victim said he was shoveling out in front of his house between Ridge Boulevard and Colonial Road at 1:55 pm, when the first swindler came up to him and said he was with the water company and needed to check the pipes for signs of freezing.

The homeowner led him into the basement, but soon heard footsteps upstairs, cops said. The mark ran into his room to find two con artists rifling through his things, but chased them and their comrade out before they could grab any loot, according to police.

— Will Bredderman

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