Happy New Year, folks, now get to it

Hope springs eternal from the word “new.”

Fresh, bright, unsullied — by its very nature, then, a New Year rings in a rebirth.

It’s an opportunity to cleanse, an occasion to break with the old, a chance to aspire, an option to be more.

The seemingly modest task is a tall one in a world overwhelmed by ills and strong wills, problems and pessimism, hurt and harm, despair and disparagement, and bloodlust and bereavement.

Thankfully, people are equipped with the intestinal fortitude and an indomitable spirit — that much has been chronicled by history.

At their height, the winds of war have been tempered by peace. Foes have become friends. Goodwill has reigned.

Much is calm — for a while — until the newness comes full circle, and (as is its wont) mankind begins to re-perpetuate strife.

Our lives are a wee drop in the cosmic bucket.

A urinal?

A portal of dreams?

The negotiation of our short time on the planet is in our hands, and of our making.

New is happy. Happiness is rare and all encompassing. Making happiness — making someone happy — is nice.

It’s nice to be nice, nicer to be nicer, and best of all is when we’re nicest.

Ideals are short-lived, perhaps.

Or, maybe not.

It’s a New Year.

You decide what to do — or not do — with it.


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