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Harsh words for the ‘evil doers’

Let me get this straight, they can hang a 7-year-old boy for allegedly spying and stone a woman to death for allegedly cheating on her husband, but an artist can’t launch an “Everybody Draw Muhammed Day” campaign because it is debased and blasphemous?

How is Seattle artist Molly Norris debased when the inhuman thugs in Afghanistan who hanged the little boy and the court that sentenced Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani to death by stoning are not judged so?

Yemeni-American Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical Islamic leader who allegedly incited the Fort Hood shooter to massacre fellow soldiers, has demanded that Norris, of “Everybody Draw” notoriety, be eliminated, signaling her out as a “prime target.” Her “proper abode is hellfire,” he said in the New York Daily News. He went on to rant that “a soul that is so debased as to enjoy the ridicule of the Messenger of Allah, the mercy to mankind; a soul that is so ungrateful towards its lord that it defames the Prophet of the religion Allah has chosen for his creation does not deserve life, does not deserve to breathe the air.”

But for me, it’s al-Awlaki who doesn’t deserve to breathe the air. He’s an insult to Allah, he is what is twisted and defamed.

The report further stated that al-Awlaki damned Norris and eight others for “blasphemouscaricatures,” in an English-language Al Qaeda magazine, ironically named “Inspire.” Inspire what, I ask? More violence, more hatred?

Al-Awlaki was born an American citizen in New Mexico and as such enjoyed the freedoms that America offers: freedom of speech, freedom to practice religion, freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness — enough freedoms for him to spew his purulent bile and condemnations without anyone getting to put a fatwa on him.

After Norris’s cartoon appeared, it started a maelstrom worldwide and she eventually backed away from the cartoon and cause, stating, “I regret that I made my cartoon the way I made it.”

But apparently that wasn’t enough for this zealot; he still lusts for her blood.

Long ago, formerPresident George W. Bush called these individuals “evil doers” and evil doers is precisely what they are. No matter how you slice it and dice it, evil is as evil does and these cretins are certainly as evil as you can get.

Not for nuthin, but I say let’s put out our own fatwa on the Afghanis who hanged the 7-year-old, and the Iranian court that sentenced the woman to stoning.

They can share the spotlight with al-Awlaki — he’s already on the hit list.


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