Hazardous ride for G train straphanger

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Boxed up

Four thugs with a box-cutter robbed a man on the G train on April 2.

The straphanger told police he was on the Manhattan-bound train when it stopped at the 15th Street-Prospect Park stop and the crooks boarded. When the train reached the Carroll Street stop at 2:10 pm, one of them flashed the blade at the victim and demanded he hand over his cellphone.

The man complied, and the thugs fled from the train.

Jewel heist

A man was arrested for stealing a treasure trove of gems from a Washington Street apartment on April 3, police said.

The occupant said he left his home between Water and Plymouth streets at 9 am. When he returned at 11:15 pm, $20,000 worth of jewels were missing.

Police said they arrested the alleged crook later that day.

Bag grab

A thief stole a grocery bag from a man unloading his car on Hoyt Street on April 5.

The man said he was near Atlantic Avenue at 7:40 pm when the crook grabbed one of his bags and fled.

Apparel swiped

Crooks stole clothes from the American Apparel store on Court Street on April 6.

The store’s manager said four men entered the boutique at State Street at 4:33 pm, and ran out six minutes later with 18 pairs of pants.

Vicious mugging

Two thugs mugged a woman on York Street on April 4.

The victim told cops she was near Pearl Street at 1 pm when two women approached and asked, “How do you get to Canal Street?”

When the woman gave them instructions the crooks allegedly threw her to the ground, grabbed her cellphone, and ran away.

Wallet stolen

A thief stole a woman’s wallet from a Montague Street store on April 3.

The woman told police she was shopping at the store at Henry Street at 5:45 pm when she felt someone bump into her purse. She looked down, and discovered that the purse was open and her wallet was missing.

Billfold nabbed

A crook swiped a woman’s wallet in an Elm Place office building on April 3.

The victim said she was inside of the building between Livingston and Fulton streets at 9:25 am when the thief grabbed her wallet.

Where’s wallet?

A thief stole a wallet from a woman’s purse at a Fulton Street store on April 5.

The shopper told cops she left the purse in a bathroom at the store near Smith Street at 4 pm. When she returned one hour later, the purse was still there but her wallet was missing.

Cashing in

A lucky crook stole an envelope — that happened to be full of cash — from a woman at a Fulton Street store on April 2.

The victim said she was shopping at the store between Lawrence and Smith streets at 3:15 pm when a stranger reached into her purse and ran off with the envelope. She said it contained $3,980 in cash, according to police.

Candid camera

A thief stole a camera from a bench in Brooklyn Bridge Park on April 2.

The photographer said he was at the Main Street entrance to the park at 1:30 pm when he put the camera on a bench. When he returned to retrieve it 15 minutes later, the camera was gone.

Motorcycle missing

A crook stole a motorcycle from Nevins Street on April 8.

The bike’s owner said he parked the two-wheeler near Atlantic Avenue at 4 pm. When he returned the next day at 3:30 pm, it was no longer there.

— Daniel Bush