Heart of barkness: ‘Goths for Dogs’ benefits canine rescue groups

Dog days of winter: Russ Marshalek’s French bulldog Mr. Frito Burrito is ready for the “Goths for Dogs” show happening in his honor.
Photo by Jason Speakman

Bring on the bow-wow-haus!

A Greenpoint goth band will show their love for puppies by hosting “Goths for Dogs,” a witchy, black-clad benefit concert and dance party for two local dog rescue centers this weekend. The show, at Bedford-Stuyvesant club C’mon Everybody on Dec. 20, may seem like an unusual combination, said one of the rockers, because most people do not associate canines with Cure fans.

“It’s funny, because you usually think of goths as being more cat people,” said Russ Marshalek, half of the band A Place Both Wonderful and Strange. “And I can’t f—— stand cats.”

But he does love his French bulldog, Mr. Frito Burrito, who fell sick as a dog and had to be rushed to the emergency room last Halloween. The experience left Marshalek with thousands of dollars in vet bills, but fellow goths and dog-lovers lent a helping hand. Rescue societies like the Short Noses Only Rescue Team — which focuses on blunt-faced doggies like pugs and bulldogs — and the Greenpoint Vet Clinic put out the word and raked in donations for Frito Burrito’s health care. To return the favor, the “Goths for Dogs” event will benefit the centers that helped the bulldog in his time of need, as well as the Bare Paws Crested Rescue group.

The show will also feature the first Brooklyn debut of the band’s touring show “Keys Open Doors: The Hidden Life of Laura Palmer” — a synthy piece of auditory and visual fan-fiction about the fictional murder victim from David Lynch’s television show “Twin Peaks.” Marshalek and bandmate Niabi Aquena were set to play the Lynchian show on Halloween, but doggy disaster forced them to postpone it until now.

“Keys Open Doors” includes video clips from “Twin Peaks” along with original material, and each performance is different as the goth duo play off each other and cater to the room, said Aquena.

“It’s interactive between the two of us and the visual,” she said. “It’s different every time. It depends on our moods and what has happened throughout our days.”

The pooch party will also feature performances from gothy and electronic acts like Ghost Cop, Interval, and Knifesex, among several others.

Attendees will be able to buy limited edition tee-shirts branded with Frito Burrito’s squishy face. Of course, the shirts only come in black.

“Goths for Dogs” at C’mon Everybody (325 Franklin Ave. between Clifton Place and Greene Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant. www.cmoneverybody.com). Dec. 20 at 7 pm. $10.

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Goths with dogs: The members of goth pop band A Place Both Wonderful and Strange love their dogs as much as they love synthy, electronic performance art about “Twin Peaks” — so they will combine the two in a benefit concert for local rescue centers on Dec. 20.
Photo by Jason Speakman

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