Hell, I’m Lost

“I’m dead, too?” Jack asks at the end of Lost. OMG, what tripe. From the pens of Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams this is the best they could come up with? After six seasons of black smoke monsters, others, a crazy French woman, bite your nails off cliffhangers and polar bears in the Pacific, all Lindelof and Abrams can come up with is “I’m dead, too?”

Let me get this straight, for the past six seasons they’ve all been dead, but had to wait for Jack to remember that he was dead so they could all be together? And Benjamin, Mister Meanie himself, had some issues to deal with so he was staying, staying where, outside of the church, in the alternate world, at the island? Where oh where did he stay and where oh where did they die? IDK.

Okay, okay, they’re all dead, I get it, but did they die initially in the plane crash, did they die at different times on the island, did they really get saved and then go back to the island, but then died, or did they wait for Jack to die before they could die and did Lock really die at the end? Was he faking it laying on those rocks? Did Jack’s surgery really cure his spinal injury, or was that just my imagination? I’M SO LOST.

Why were they in the church, wasn’t that building the portal to get back to the Island, was there going to be a group funeral mass for the Oceanic 11? Why wasn’t the entire cast there and why was it a different brother? And finally where did the dog come from?

I stayed up till 11:30 pm waiting for a really boffo ending and all I got was a GPS full of dead ends.

Not for nuthin’™ Damon and J.J., but fading to black would have been better, then there would have been a reunion option. Cue “Don’t Stop Believin’!”


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