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Hell on wheels

Two men were arrested after leading an officer on a high-speed, multi-collision chase through the streets of Red Hook — and then a subsequent foot chase through Brooklyn Heights on Jan. 22.

Cops say that two officers were in an unmarked patrol car at around 4 pm when they observed a driver speeding north through Red Hook. The officers gave chase and the driver careened into several parked cars, before smashing his car into the squad car near the corner of Richards and Pioneer streets.

When the bad guys’ car no longer functioned, the two men leaped out and ran into Brooklyn Heights, where they dropped narcotics along the way, police said. Officers finally apprehended them at Remsen Street, and found that one man still had marijuana on him.

The arrested men, both 20, were charged with assault and drug crimes.


A man tried to help out his friend by trying to steal back his car from the cops just after midnight on Jan. 25.

Police say that Officer John Pena arrested a man who was trying to remove a Denver boot from a friend’s car that was in custody at the 76th Precinct stationhouse near the corner of Hicks and Sackett streets.

Cool crime

A thief pushed through the air-conditioner unit of a Visitation Place apartment to steal $400 — but then denied he was a thief when confronted by the tenant’s uncle.

The action started at around 7:45 pm on Jan. 17 when the perp entered through the window, grabbed $400 off a dresser, and then hid in the closet when he got spooked.

The resident’s uncle opened the closet door and, predictably said, “Who are you and what are you doing here?”

The thief claimed to be a friend of the man’s nephew — but then he ran out with his cash.

The uncle wasn’t buying it, so he called cops. Officer Armando Medina collared the thief six days later.


A dispute over a bad soccer call turned into a four-on-four brawl that led to the arrest of eight people on Jan. 24.

Cops say that at some point during the game, which was played at the schoolyard at Hoyt and Union streets at around 2:30 pm, one of the players got into a fight with another, a 45-year-old man who was brutally pummelled.

The fight escalated until eight people were brawling. But Officer Gregory McNally showed up and arrested them all, though missed the Jet game filling out all the paperwork.


Yet another shopper was pickpocketed at Trader Joe’s on Jan. 22.

The Court Street grocery store is attractive to shoppers and thieves, who have preyed on people who leave their wallets or pocketbooks on top of their carts.

In the latest incident, a thief grabbed a Tusk wallet off of a shopping cart at around 11:45 am, and before the credit cards were cancelled, he’d bought hundreds of dollars in Metrocards.

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