Hell on wheels in Kensington as bike-riding groper works streets

Hell on wheels in Kensington as bike-riding groper works streets
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

A creep on a bike groped two different women in Kensington since Oct. 19 — putting neighbors on edge and revealing that the sex attacks in South Slope and beyond are far from over.

In the first incident, a woman was on Cortelyou Road between E. Ninth Street and Coney Island Avenue at 8:10 pm when the two-wheel prowler rode up from behind and groped her.

“I screamed and hit him with my umbrella but he biked away down Coney Island Avenue towards Church Avenue,” said the victim, who shared her story on the Kensington Prospect blog.

She said that she screamed and hit him with her umbrella before he rode off on a mountain bike.

This week, locals reported similar attacks — all including a man on a mountain bike wearing a navy hooded sweatshirt.

Police could not confirm the incidents.

“If these did happen, they’re isolated incidents,” said a police source. “People are getting crazy. There’s a million delivery guys out there working hard that go home at night on a bicycle. They’re all young guys wearing hooded sweatshirts.”

But on Monday, a Kensington woman said that a hoodie-clad cyclist groped her near Cortelyou Road and Coney Island Avenue. No further information is available at this time.

Two days later, a woman reported a close call on 18th Street in Windsor Terrace by someone who fits the profile.

Patricia Mullins said that she was near Seeley Street at 8:30 pm when a short man on a red mountain bike — wearing a navy blue hoodie and jeans — pulled up to her on the sidewalk.

“He stopped dead two feet in front of me,” said Mullins, who had been walking home from an exercise class. “He didn’t let me go down the street.”

She said that the stranger fled after she screamed. Afterward, she called police but they said, “Someone on a bike will be long gone — I can’t do anything for you. Next time dial 911.”

The recent incidents follow a spree of at least 20 sex attacks that have rocked a swath of Park Slope to Sunset Park this year. Of those cases, cops have nabbed one man for a single incident.

The last reported attack in that pattern was on Oct. 13, when a sicko claiming to have a knife grabbed a 26-year-old woman from behind at 9:43 pm as she walked her dog near 17th Street and Seventh Avenue.

Residents are still organizing themselves against the local sex fiends, and the new Kings Bay Y on Prospect Avenue in Windsor Terrace will provide free self-defense classes next weekend.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-8477.

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