Help us name the park’s miracle baby goslings!

Meet the miracle goslings of Prospect Park!
Photo by Peter Colen

They’re here, they’re queer — get used to them!

Four baby geese are the new miracle babies of Brooklyn — the first Canada Geese born in Prospect Park since federal authorities slaughtered 300 waterfowl in the name of aviation security.

No goslings were supposed to be born this season, thanks to efforts to prevent another massacre by humanely treating eggs so that they would not develop into geese.

Well, you know what happened: Nature finds a way!

Historic occurrances like the birth of this little fella (gal?) present historic opportunities — so the goose-loving editorial board of The Brooklyn Paper is putting together that never-tired canard of community newspapers: a naming contest.

Send your suggested name for this bird to [email protected]. We’ll present the best 10 names to the Prospect Park Alliance, and if the name sticks, we’ll make sure you get more than a little bird feed (by the way, it’s wrong to feed geese in the park — but you knew that!).

Martin Woess of the Parks Department thought he'd addled these goose eggs — but they hatched anyway. Silly human.
Community Newspaper Group / Julie Rosenberg