Herd ‘em back to Gitmo

Before advocating rights for terror suspects, there must first be a nation in which to advocate them.

Islam’s mugs and thugs would like nothing better than to destroy the United States, yet the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is emerging as a champion of our sworn enemies, while constantly tripping up over its club foot along a politically-correct journey to try detainees in civilian courts instead of in the appropriate military confines of Guantanamo Bay where they belong.

Nor is it comforting to know that since “America’s worst day” only 195 of the lowlifes — whose devil-spawn are machinating our demise around the clock — have been tried, and convicted of plotting and conducting terror attacks on US soil.

Human Rights First cites the miniscule fraction in its report, In Pursuit of Justice, Prosecuting Terrorism Cases in the Federal Courts, 2009 Update and Recent Developments, which credits federal courts with “…serving as an effective and fair tool for incapacitating terrorists.”

Perhaps. But as a deterrent for activating their bloodlust from behind bars? Hardly.

In 2005, traitor defense lawyers for reviled 1993 World Trade Center bombing mastermind Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman were convicted of acting as intermediaries between the jailed jihadist and members of the Egyptian terror group, Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya.

In 2007, the Australian government ordered a prison security clampdown amid revelations of an escape attempt by terror suspect Mazen Touma, convicted last October for planning a foiled terror strike on a nuclear reactor in Sidney.

In September 2009, 20 convicted Muslim terrorists were emboldened by an early release from a UK prison, sticking British taxpayers with a multi-million-dollar bill plus the migraine of keeping track of dangerous extremists, 75 of whom are also due to be discharged soon to maraud the streets freely.

The above examples are disturbing because they demonstrate that Free World judicial systems uphold impartiality at the expense of leaving us vulnerable to the deadly desires of our foes.

Any debate about prosecuting terror suspects in civilian courts should note that religious radicals are not common criminals, but state-of-the-art sinners who should be tried, convicted and condemned to death in a military court.

If the Obama administration’s “highest priority is to keep the American people safe,” then it should start by scrapping the considerations for our adversaries, and girding Gitmo for individuals such as the Arab-speaking quintet accused of poisoning food supplies at Fort Jackson, and Colorado bus driver and al Qaeda eunuch Najibullah Zazi, who has plead guilty to conspiring to bomb New York City subways during rush hour.

The Oval Office’s “highest priority” seems to be beefing up the defense of suspected terrorists at taxpayers’ expense: $200 million of DHS’s $43.6 billion budget for Fiscal Year 2011 is designated for security at terror trials, which Bam seems intent on parading in front of Americans. This, while killing off 1,100 positions at the US Coast Guard which has safeguarded this nation’s maritime interests, at home and abroad, for more than 200 years.

Doesn’t sound like placing the “highest priority” on keeping “the American people safe,” Mr. President.

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