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Here’s Frank’s take on the Gowanus Canal

This week, our jammin’ columnist, Frank Hoier, was inspired by our ongoing coverage of the clean-up of the Gowanus Canal for this week’s “Rhythm and News” feature.

He even provided the lyrics this week.

Down on the Gowanus

Words and music by Frank Hoier

Down on the Gowanus
You shouldn’t fear the slime
Nor is the odor the worst thing you will find
Just as artists start to movin’ in
You know what comes next
Real-estate investors are sure to stinkin’ up the place

They come to your hood
And see it’s starting to get nice
They lure the upper classes with baits of “paradise”
Now that they talkin’ ’bout finally cleaning the canal
You can bet the neighborhood
Is gonna change, and how

They come to your hood
And see there’s money to be made
Don’t give a cent about the people livin’ there today
They come in for the boom
But you know they ain’t goin’ to stay
Put up condos and a Whole Foods
Then they’ll be on their way

They come to your hood
Promising to clean it up
Sweepin’ out the dust and dirt and dredgin’ out the muck
But the last time promises were
Made, of makin’ the Gowanus heaven
William Jay Gaynor the was mayor,
The year was nineteen and eleven.

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