Here’s how we’d spend $1M

Here’s how we’d spend $1M
The Brooklyn Paper / Stephen Brown

We were so excited by today’s announcement that local pols want our help in coming up with ways to spend millions of dollars on wish-list projects that we put together our own list of proposals that deserve the green light:

Shine on, you crazy Diamond — Atlantic Avenue
The city has consistently made life miserable for Bob Diamond, the man who discovered an old rail tunnel under Atlantic Avenue. But we say, throw money at him! You know that with a little help from taxpayers, Diamond will discover Abraham Lincoln’s last hat deep underneath Sahadi’s!
Estimated cost: $750,000
Photo by Tom Callan

Pizza perfect — Midwood
Everyone knows that Di Fara Pizza is the best in the city, but the lines are always a nightmare. So to benefit the pizza-loving public, it is time for government to step up to the plate and buy Dom DiMarco a ticket dispenser or some other device to streamline the mystifying ordering process. Oh, and a renovation would be nice (nothing fancy, you understand).
Estimated cost: $50–$400,000
The Brooklyn Paper / Julie Rosenberg

Baby stroller lane — Park Slope
Forget the Prospect Park West bike lane (if you can) — what family-centric Park Slope really needs is a dedicated baby-blue-and-pink-colored lane along Seventh Avenue to clear a path for stroller-pushing moms and dads.
Estimated cost: $1 million
Photo by Tom Callan

Floating pool — Gowanus Canal
Swimming in the Gowanus Canal itself is a no-no. But a small floating pool — OK, maybe more of a hot tub — would allow nature lovers to enjoy the fetid industrial waterway while they wait for the decade-long Superfund clean-up to run its course.
Estimated cost: $500,000
Julienne Schaer