Here’s mud in your eye!

Tight grip: Christine Solidum of Sunset Park clings to a rope during Metro Dash, a timed obstacle course, on May 12 at Aviator Sports and Events Center.
Photo by Elizabeth Graham

Mud run season has officialy started.

Metro Dash — the first of four Spartan mud races scheduled to take place in and around the Aviator Sports Center this year — was held on May 12 with more than 400 athletes convening to slog their way through 20 grueling obstacle courses.

“It was awesome,” said Susan Hurtado of Dyker Heights. “I didn’t think I could get through it, but I’m really happy that I did.”

Contestants tested their mettle on obstacles ranging from the traditional, to the inventive, to the sheer masochistic, including the strongman shuffle, where athletes run — or waddle — while carrying an assortment of heavy, oddly shaped objects; the rope swing, where contestants swing to an elevated platform; and the intimidating rope wall, where competitors are tasked with scaling a sheer 12-foot stockade.

Of course, everyone had their favorite challenge.

“My favorite obstacle was the gorilla rope climb,” said Hurtado. “That’s where you have to wrap your hands and feet around the rope and pull yourself across. A lot of people couldn’t hold on, it was pretty funny.”

If a competitor is unable to complete, or unwilling to attempt an obstacle, then the fitness police at Metro Dash will demand a number of arduous burpee exercises — which involve squatting down, kicking out your legs, doing a pushup, and then kicking in your legs and standing up again.

“If you fall off on the gorilla rope you have to do five burpees, and you have to do 20 if you choose not to try, so you might as well try,” said Hurtado.

In the end, everyone who finished the course was greeted with an ice cold brew and live music.

“It’s my first race like this and I must say I’ll definitely do another one,” said Hurtado.

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