Here’s to Nikki-Jo and the power of good!

Dyker Heights

Nikki-Jo Grossman is an administrative manager by day and a nursing student by night at Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing in that other borough, Manhattan. But in her free time, well that’s another matter. Then she’s just your ordinary superhero citizen able to leap tall buildings and work faster than an express train. Our pal Nikki-Jo got to sharpen her medical training chops while on board an N train and a fellow passenger experienced an epileptic seizure. Nikki-Jo knew what she had to do without blinking or thinking. She jumped up and immediately assessed the situation. As she went into superhealer mode, faster than Superman changing into his cape, she turned the sufferer’s head to the side and cushioned it with her gym clothes. He already had suffered a slight nose bleed and trauma to his face. Then, as she worked on him she asked fellow passengers to call 911. When the seizure ended, Nikki-Jo asked his companion, (he didn’t speak English), to ask him what his name was, if he knew where he was and how he was. Nikki-Jo told Standing O that “This experience in which I was able to employ the tools I’ve learned thus far has certainly showed me what I can do.” She also credited Prof. Irene Rempel, who teaches Nursing 101 clinical, with having the confidence to do what she did, “I feel I reacted calmly and professionally with complete control of the situation because of Prof. Rempel’s teaching.”

So here’s to Nikki-Jo, for using her skills for the power of good!


Women rule

Hats off and gather those bouquets. Deacon Tina Giardina; Rev. EJ Emerson, pastor at Reformed Church in America; and Morzellia Baity, Cub Pack Troop 20 leader, who were all honored for their devotion to family, church, and community. The Rev. Terry Troia, Robert Peterson, elders Pam Ander, Erik Ander, Rita Hollenga, Susan Hanyen, deacons Carol Dickert, Rose Lood, Debbie Siciargo and Marilyn Sciarrino, bestowed the accolades to these Women of Valor at a Divine Worship service at the church on March 25.

New Utrecht Reformed Church [1831 84th Street at 18th Avenue in Bensonhurst, (718) 256–7173].

Say Cheese: (From left) Visitation Academy students Ariana Paino, Erica Chou, Erica Kreisberg, Helena Gershon, and Nora Meehan — with Arlene Figaro, head of the school — made the Principal’s List this past semester.

Bay Ridge

Tres bien, c’est magnifique

It’s more bouquets! Smart and savvy seventh graders made the Principal’s List this past semester. Ariana Paino, Erica Chou, Erica Kreisberg, Helena Gershon and Nora Meehan received the honors for being the bestest and brightest of their class. In order to achieve the distinction, the girls had to really put their noses to the study-stone and get this, have an overall grade point average of 95 percent or better in five subjects, and a minimum of 85 percent in French, n’est pas. Arlene Figaro, head of school, was proud as punch to award each of these ladies with certificates and offer congratulations and salutations.

Standing O sends out a round of applause to the girls.

Visitation Academy [8902 Ridge Blvd. at 90th Street in Bay Ridge, (718) 680–9452].

Cheers!: (From left) Susan Hanyen and Mary Shield presented Morzellia Baity, Cub Pack Troop 20 leader, with a proclamation for her devotion to family, church, and the community.

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