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Hero baker

Can’t take the heat

A baker warded off a gun-toting mugger ran in the wee hours of Sept. 7 on Court Street.

The 45-year-old bread maker was also a bread winner by refusing to open his safe even though a masked man pointing a gun at him repeatedly demanded that he open it up in the shop between Sackett and Union streets.

The armed robber eventually gave up and fled the store at 5 am.

Plumb out

A Smith Street man returned home on Sept. 4 to discover that his gadgets and prized watch were gone.

The 32-year-old man, who lives between Carroll and Second streets, told police he was not home from 7:50 am to 4:45 pm. He thought the intruder infiltrated his apartment by climbing through an unlocked living room window.

Another possibility, though less likely, points to a plumber who was left unattended in the apartment for 10 to 15 minutes by the landlord.

Whoever raided the home allegedly took a stereo system, an iPod, a laptop and Rolex watch.

Phone shark

A crook broke into a rented delivery truck on Court Street on Sept. 4 and stole the lines of communication.

The driver told police the Ford van was parked between Atlantic Avenue and Pacific Street from 9 to 11:30 am. When he came back, he told police that his set of walkie talkies and cellphone had been swiped.

Three stooges

Three men robbed a food deliveryman who arrived with the food they ordered to a First Street apartment on Sept. 3.

The goons menaced the 17-year-old who showed up to his destination between Hoyt and Bond streets at 2:35 am by saying, “Give us everything and we won’t hurt you.”

The worker on the graveyard shift lost his phone, $75 and $60 of hot food.

Bagged her

A woman’s bag was stolen from a Columbia Street bar while she powdered her nose.

The 27-year-old reveler told police that someone stole her purse while she was in the ladies’ room of the watering hole between Woodhull and Rapeleye streets at 3:27.

The pocketbook contained $40, a camera, her credit cards and ID.

— Mike McLaughlin

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