He’s punched in the face

Face punch

Two perps tried to rob a man on Bushwick Avenue on Jan. 30 — but punched him in the face instead because he was broke.

The perps approached the man on the stairway of his building near Meserole Street at 11:45 pm. One perp asked, “Do you have the time?” and started searching his pockets for a phone and some cash.

When they found none, they struck his face and fled.

Six stick-up

Six perps pummeled a man on McKibbin Street on Jan. 31 before taking his phone.

The man told cops that he had just left the train station near Bogart Street at 5:50 pm when a posse of perps approached and began punching and kicking him, prompting him to surrender his phone.

Salon smarty

A thief and his accomplices stole a phone inside a Broadway nail salon on Jan. 31.

The perps entered the store near Cook Street at 4:20 pm, when one asked, “Who is smart?”

The victim stood up unwisely, and two of the perps punched the man and took his phone.

Graham cracked

A 36-year-old man was hit in the arm by a stray bullet on Graham Avenue on Jan. 31.

The victim was leaving his friend’s house near Varet Street at 4 am, when he heard three shots and felt pain in his appendage.

He was taken to Woodhull Hospital and treated.

Manhattan stuck

Five gun-wielding thugs held up a Manhattan Avenue store on Feb. 3, taking $1,600 and thousands in jewelry.

One perp entered the store at around 11:45 am and asked about a refrigerator. With the clerk distracted, another man flashed a shotgun and told the manager to get into the basement.

The thug called in his friends, who tied the victim in the basement, and took the store’s safe before fleeing on Johnson Avenue.

Grand time

A perp broke into a Grand Street apartment near Humboldt Street on Feb. 3 and stole $6,610 worth of electronics and computers while its tenant was at work during the day.

Wheel bad news

There was lots of auto mania last week:

• A man’s Honda was swiped from on Kent Avenue overnight on Jan. 31. The owner told cops that he parked near S. Fourth Street at 9 pm, but the car was gone by noon the next day.

• A perp broke into a Ford on Humboldt Street near Meserole Street sometime after 7:15 am on Feb. 4, taking $1,600 worth of tools.

• A thief broke into a Ford on N. First Street near Berry Street on Feb. 2 and stole two guitars from the back seat while its owner was helping a friend move furniture at around 2 pm.

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