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Hey, Abruzzo: ‘Shove it!’

To the editor,

Shavana Abruzzo, in regards to your take on Judge Evelyn LaPorte, I would like to ask [sic] your academic preparation because anyone who write [sic] this way is either stupid or belong’s [sic] in a mental hospital (“Impeach Judge LaPorte,” A Britisher’s View, Dec. 22).

Let me explain to you that the British made 11 trips to the new world [sic] never made the last voyage [sic] they went in the opposite direction [sic] landed in Antarctica [sic] read your history! The British [sic] is the most backdrop [sic] culture there is. Moreover, you really don’t know law and the particular’s [sic] of the case so don’t run your trap if you don’t know.

This is why you write what you think is [sic] editorials for a cheap local paper. You can’t compare your feeble mind with that of a judge. But you can compare it to white trash, [sic] which belongs in the dump.

The Puerto Rican [sic] been here from the start [sic] along with the spaniards [sic] in the 1400’s [sic] your guys came in the 1920’s [sic] with lices [sic] in [sic] Ellis Island.

Take some classes at a university! Educate yourself, then write like a Professional [sic] your [sic] far from this.

You can take your piece of s..t opinion along with this newspaper which is full of s..t also and shove it!

Ruben Soto

‘Forgive’ Shav, ‘Allah’

To the editor,

I was extremely appalled when I recently came across the column on the Internet, “New Yorkistan? Don’t rule it out,” (“A Britisher’s View” by Shavana Abruzzo, June 22, 2010), and its alarmingly sweeping comment that: “There’s no denying the elephant in the room. Neither is there any rejoicing over the mosques proposed for Sheepshead Bay, Staten Island and Ground Zero because where there are mosques, there are Muslims, and where there are Muslims, there are problems.”

This is inflammatory bigotry that manifests what the law-abiding American Muslims are encountering in the biased media on a daily basis. It could be disregarded if it came from an uneducated person. Ironically, it was made by a supposedly educated person and a columnist, who should exhibit some responsibility before releasing such unfounded statements.

As a Muslim, I am trying to live in peace with the non-Muslim Americans around. but such an article does not make my endeavor easy.

Your paper should be a forum for tolerance and an advocate for a peaceful co-existence among Americans, not for such blatantly hatred-filled statements.

May Allah forgive her, and cleanse her heart and mind of such ill-sentiments and thoughts.

Haydar Elawad

Washington, DC

‘Despicable’ Carl

To the editor,

Carl Kruger protested his innocence to anyone who would listen for about a year, but last week he stood before a judge and stated that he did take a number of bribes as state senator (“Carl: I did it,” Dec 22).

He said he knew it was wrong, but now, he is “profoundly sorry” for his conduct. He has to pay a $450,000 fine and could receive many years in prison when he is sentenced on April 26, but he gets to keep his pension.

This is simply not enough. Kruger took over $1 million in bribes. Why doesn’t the court make him sell that ugly mansion of his in Mill Island — once owned by another crook — and fine him $1 million? He should not profit from his crimes in any way. He should also be expelled from the senate without benefits of any kind.

Carl Kruger is a despicable, dishonorable man and merits the most severe penalties possible, due to the fact that he held a very powerful position in the state government and enjoyed the trust of his constituents whom he failed so miserably.

His attorney had the utter gall to tell reporters that, “By accepting responsibility, he has affirmed his respect for the judicial process. His career, on balance was quite remarkable.” Baloney! Kruger had to say that to get a lighter sentence. The only thing he is sorry for is that he was caught.

A remarkable career? No. He was just another crooked politician. A very stiff sentence would send a message to all the other crooks in Albany. That’s why the judge should hammer Kruger’s hide to the barn door.

I’m just wondering why we have to wait until April. Why couldn’t the judge have sentenced Kruger now, and be done with him?

David Podesta

Marine Park

• • •

To the editor,

I live in the constituency of ex-Sen. Carl Kruger and am thrilled that he resigned.

He has consistently used our tax money to send out full-color newsletters on expensive stock at least twice a month, including on the day before he resigned.

His focus was never on us, his constituents who voted him in, but on himself, his power and his pocket.

Thank you for covering his illegal actions so well. We rely on your reporting so we are aware of what our politicians are doing.

Good riddance, Carl.

Annette Mont

Sheepshead Bay

Pol-uted story

To the editor,

Your article about the Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club’s holiday party was demeaning (‘Tis the season for partying,” Dec. 22).

This was not a political event, it was about people enjoying the holiday. Instead of writing about that, your piece was similar to articles written by the National Enquirer.

If you think this is journalism, I might have a bridge to sell you. For the record, Frank Seddio is not the president of the club, so do try and get your facts straight.

I am truly disgusted by your actions.

Betty Ann Canizio

LOW-es move

To the editor,

TIME Magazine recently revealed “the protestor” as its Person of the Year for 2011.

It is only fitting, then, that Lowes decision to pull its All-American Muslim advertisements was met with protests and demonstrations. Lowes now faces a voice that it cannot simply brush aside — having 200,000 people sign a petition against their decision and witnessing their Facebook page turn into a forum for debate.

That is essentially what the company’s response has been to all its criticism. Lowes insisted on denying that religion had anything to do with the company’s decision, and it deleted all the comments on its page relating to the controversy in one fell swoop.

I hope that Lowes will handle future flak a little more reasonably and responsibly.

Burhan Sandhu


RIP, Lynn Samuels

To the editor,

I was sorry to read of the passing of national radio commentator Lynn Samuels.

Her passing reminded me of the 1998 rent control and rent stabilization controversy when state Sen. Joe Bruno and Gov. Pataki wanted to end both rent programs.

Samuels found out when Pataki was golfing at the Westchester Country Club, and urged listeners to go to the golf course and picket him. Needless to say, the governor didn’t golf there that day.

Samuels will be sorely missed.

Ed Greenspan

Sheepshead Bay

Opulent Obamas

To the editor,

So the Obamas are in the midst of a record-setting $4 million, 17-day Hawaiian vacation! Michelle “Rev. Wright with a wig” Obama and her two daughters flew to Hawaii via Air Force One to go on a shopping excursion a day prior to Bam’s intended arrival.

Separate family flights for these elitists have become common place, not to mention extremely costly for the American taxpayer. The Obamas are completely out of touch with ordinary U.S. citizens at a time when this country has mounted over 15 trillion dollars in debt.

Say what you want about President George W. Bush, but the majority of his vacations were spent on his Texan ranch chopping wood. The Clintons frequently traveled to Martha’s Vineyard and would be seen boarding Air Force One together along with the family dog.

The Occupy Wall Street movement should finally do something constructive and direct their anger towards the White House. Perhaps they could begin by greeting President Obama and the First Lady as they return from another taxpayer funded “slap in the face” lavish trip!

Anyone who remarks that “America is a down-right mean country” on four separate occasions deserves the nick name “Rev. Wright with a wig.”

Richard Lundberg

Sheepshead Bay

‘Jeers,’ Chuck!

To the editor,

Senator Charles Schumer (D–N.Y.) should worry about more important issues than the origins of the beer citizens drink.

If you stand between Schumer and a microphone or camera, be prepared to be run over. Will Schumer now substitute beer produced in New York with wine and hard liquor at his frequent pay-for-play campaign events?

Schumer is the number one senator for soliciting millions of dollars from special interest groups. It will be interesting to see if there is a future quid pro quo in the form of campaign contributions from the Beer Institute as a “thank you” to Schumer for supporting the “I love New York Brew” campaign. Voters would prefer if Schumer put down his beer, stop his daily photo ops, press conferences and evening fund raisers, and resume working full time as a senator. He can start by converting his passion for free press coverage and campaign funds by assisting in passing an honest and balanced federal budget on time.

He should focus on reducing our nine percent unemployment rate and start paying off Uncle Sam’s $15 trillion — and growing — debt. Then, deal with securing our boarders, crime, education, environment, housing, nutrition and transportation rather than attempting to grab daily headlines and stories to feed his ego.

Of course, finding Schumer and his colleagues at work in Washington is difficult, as they are only in session part time during the year.

Larry Penner

Great Neck

‘Tree’ cheers for Bklyn

To the editor,

I’m writing this letter to express my pride as a resident of Brooklyn, who was born, raised and still resides here.

Although I’ve traveled extensively, abroad and throughout this wonderful country, I am always struck by the creativity and diversity of Brooklynites. I grew up in Bensonhurst where I was exposed to bocce ball and the best pizzerias anywhere in the world, and neighbors who told me to meet them at “tree o’clock near toity-toid and toird street.”

I’ve chosen to live as an adult in Sheepshead Bay, home of the best seafood restaurants and Russian nightclubs anywhere in the world! As a musician and writer, I’ve learned that many famous and creative people came from Brooklyn. I’ve also come to believe that Brooklyn is the only place in the world, where — in a 10-block radius — you can hear 10 different languages spoken in a New York minute. Wow! What a place!

However, I must admit, I feel as if my life will never be really complete until I find that famous “tree that grows in Brooklyn!” I’ve searched for it extensively, thinking that if I find it all my dreams will magically come true! After all, it’s rumored to be the most famous and glorious tree in the world, at least according to the book by the same title.

I believe in the goodness and kindness of people, as well as in the golden rule: Be good unto others, and always treat people with respect. But, I am still desperately looking for that “tree” — the one that will bring me fame and fortune!

We have the Barclays Center and the most interesting people in the world, but I still continue my quest for that tree — it must exist!

Has anyone seen it? If so, kindly let me know where it is. I know that when I find it, my life will be complete and all my wishes will — at last — come true!

Judy Azoulay

Sheepshead Bay

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